Dec 19, 2014
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A few years ago, when Charlotte started Preschool, one of the very first moms that I met was Katie Trenkle.  Whenever I say her name, I have to say her first and last name together because I feel like “Katie Trenkle” is a household name around these parts.  Everyone knows her because she is the warmest, most hospitable, down to earth person.  She is an amazing loving mom who does all sorts of DIY things for her kids to wear and eat and play with, and she is also a really talented architect who just designed and built the family’s new home.  As I got to know Katie and Brad’s two girls over the last two years, I saw that the kindness, sense of humor, and intellect that I was so impressed with in the girls was clearly a reflection of Brad and Katie.  We don’t get to see each other as much now that our girls have moved on to different Kindergartens, but I was so thrilled when Katie asked me to do their family picture this year, the first Christmas that they have spent living in this beautiful home that they designed and built just for their family.  love you Trenkles

I told Molly to give her sister a kiss (thinking maybe a kiss on the cheek?).  Instead, then went into a full on movie kiss, and they were completely cracking themselves up…as well as us!