Jan 30, 2009
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I think the word is pretty much out that Mark and I are expecting our first little one in a few short weeks.  Many of you have asked to see pictures of my budding belly, so I thought that sharing a few from our trip to Mexico last week would be a good way to do it.
We planned a trip to Cabo San Lucas last June, a week before finding out (SURPRISE) “you’re pregnant”! My doctor is a cool guy, and he let me go anyways, despite the fact that I’m not supposed to be traveling anymore.  And it worked out.  It was just what we both needed.  It was what we like to call “aggressive relaxation”.  The sun and the water were like a magic happiness pill for my increasingly awkward body.  
So enjoy the views.  I am excited to introduce you all to our gal soon!


oh, and Mark took all the ones of me. Didn’t he do well? 
_mg_9855-copy-2.jpg bellysand1.jpg

Couldn’t miss the historic inauguration!  Even the resort was buzzing Obama. 
_mg_9474-copy.jpg _mg_9682-copy.jpg_mg_9619-copy.jpg
me and Mark on the beach at dusk 

  • Jessie Pullins

    Gorgeous! Seriously, Becca, you’re making the rest of us who have been big and preggers look gross! Sooo excited to hear when your life changes forever! By the way, where did you go? That resort looks yummy!

  • Amy

    What beautiful pictures… makes me want to go back! I hope you guys had a wonderful time! You deserved it!

  • You look beautiful and aaron’s words…”aww she’s so pretty!” Can’t wait to see the rest of the journey 🙂

  • Beautiful! I love the belly pics. You two will always remember this vacation fondly … last one right before the little sweetie gets here! 🙂

  • Becky Ediger

    You look so great Becca! I was so excited when I found out that you were having a little one. You guys will be amazing parents. Josh and I wish you all the best! 🙂

  • Becca, you are beautiful! I hope you are still feeling well. It was so fun running into you. Our little girl arrived on December 23rd. We named her Elinor Faye. I’ll be thinking about you these next few weeks as you prepare for your daughter!

  • You are going to be a great mom. We will miss you terribly this week, but you will be with your legacy very soon, and that is nothing short of being the best. Good luck dearest Becca!


  • Julie Seaman

    Oh Bec! I love the pics…YOU ARE SUCH A BEAUTY! I cannot wait to meet your little gal!! So glad you and Mark could take the trip! Love, Jules 🙂

  • You’re so gorgeous, Becca! Thanks for sharing! And do tell what resort you were at- looks lovely! Hugs!!

  • Kristin

    You look so beautiful! I’m so glad you guys had fun! Now your little girl is going to have an unexplained urge to go somewhere warm every year around her birthday. Let’s chat this week. I miss you!

  • leeann

    Beautiful!!! That’s all I can say.. oh, and congratulations on your coming arrival!!! Iannick and I are so happy for you both!

  • Rozanne Gaston

    Ohh, you look so beautiful! And to have those precious pictures of your sweet baby within you…such a treasure! Loved the one of you and Mark on the beach, too! You’re in for such a wonderful life as you become a mother and how lucky your daughter will be, too!
    with love, Rozanne

  • Vanessa

    gorgeous. you, the belly, the beach. congrats to you and mark!

  • Kelli

    Amazing pictures – you are one stunning mom – you look so incredible and the trip looks like a perfect celebration of 2 before you are 3 – can’t wait to see your new blessing!!

  • Hayley Waynick

    So beautiful!! I am so excited for you and your hubby 🙂 You are the cutest pregnant person ever! Ok, back to looking through my pictures so I can email you, thanks for posting our engagement session again. Talk to you soon Becca!

  • Oh yea! I have been waiting for these to surface! What a wonderful place to document this special once in a lifetime moment! Your body rocks! Can’t wait to meet the little one! Best wishes.

  • Marli Adams

    It all looks so peaceful…I’m so glad it worked out. Mark did a great job! You think if I had a tan next time I could look that good with a belly? 😉 You are GLOWING!

  • Natalie Hoagland

    What a beautiful journey. I’m so happy you both got a chance to relax. Becca, you are absolutely gorgeous. Take care of yourself and best wishes!

  • Alison & Brian Czarski

    Congratulations!! It was so nice getting to know you around our wedding and we’re so happy for you. You will make such a fun mom.

  • Becky Barge

    Becca! You are so cute. I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve seen you guys. Very excited about your new addition and so glad you got to have a little vacay before hand. Hope everything else is well and tell your hubby hello as well. What a neat blog, betsy shared it with me to see the pics of Warrick, which by the way were fabulous!

  • Amy Shellhorn

    Becca…so glad Betsy passed your blog on to me…amazingly stunning photos of you and your husband and the trip…you are truly talented and so fun to be able to peek into your life and work! thanks…can’t wait to hear news of your special little girl!

  • I’d like to confess to the world that Becca is the most beautiful pregnant woman alive. Period.