Sep 07, 2008
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Sarah and Matt have been sunshine to me this year!  That’s how I think about them- like bright rays of light.  You will see it in these wedding pictures.  They are both unabashedly expressive,  sweetly affectionate with each other, and fast friends with people around them.
One of my favorite times of the day was when one of Sarah’s bridesmaids sat her down and handed her a letter that Matt had written for her to read that day.  The breadth of expression was so wide that I could have filled the whole blog with that series of moments- tears, laughter, gratitude- but I chose one to share with you along with the reactions of her sweet friends…

Sarah spent the night before in her old bedroom at her parent’s house.  I saw this note from her mom on the bed. 
momsnote.jpg072richardson_ferguson.jpg 096richardson_ferguson.jpg 
Brandon got some wonderful stuff of Matt and his guys. First, Matt and dad kill the time…
Here is another extended moment that contained several fantastic drastically different expressions in it.  This is right before the doors opened and Sarah saw Matt for the first time.  She and her dad exchanged loving glances, nervous ones, and here, it’s pure excitement.
170richardson_ferguson.jpg 178richardson_ferguson.jpg183richardson_ferguson.jpg
Brandon stayed hidden up front to get great moments like these..
211richardson_ferguson.jpg 221richardson_ferguson.jpg222richardson_ferguson.jpg230richardson_ferguson.jpgMatt is just a *bit* of a character234richardson_ferguson.jpg 251richardson_ferguson.jpg 275richardson_ferguson.jpg291richardson_ferguson.jpg293richardson_ferguson.jpg332richardson_ferguson.jpg315richardson_ferguson.jpg378richardson_ferguson.jpg411richardson_ferguson.jpg436richardson_ferguson.jpg491richardson_ferguson.jpg     

  • LOVE IT! The BRIDE, her girls, her mom and dad, and her new husband. You captured all of the emotion and the history of this very special day for them!

  • Tracey

    Fabulous! Not only do the photos convey the elegance of the wedding, but the unique spirit of Sarah and Matt. There’s so much emotion and movement in the photos – brilliant. What a wonderful way to capture the beginning of your lives together!

  • Sarah

    Becca – We simply couldn’t be any happier with the photos you took at our wedding! You were able to capture all of the special moments and everything inbetween. Many thanks!!

  • Matt

    AWESOME!! Becca is the best!!!!! How do you do what you do?

  • These are fantastic! I love the shot of Sarah alone with her eyes closed and the one of her and the bridesmaids!!Such great light!

  • Amy Richardson

    Becca…your images are pure poetry…you so perfectly captured the very essence of the day and really…of sweet love…especially the spoken and unspoken (but very real) sentiments we were all feeling about this wonderful union! And I barely knew you were there…thanks for lending us your considerable talents to memorialize this very important day in Richardson/Ferguson history!Amy

  • Wonderful captures of emotion and fun! Great job!!

  • Meg Robinson

    OH my goodness! These are beautiful! I absolutely love Matt and Sarah and these are amazing. I am so excited for Tyler to take mine 🙂