Aug 05, 2013
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In an ideal world, I would get to photograph each of my families at least twice a year.  So much changes in the life of a family in one year, and especially when there is a new member of the family coming into the picture.  Last summer, I photographed Erik, Molly, and Ellen when Molly was expecting but not even showing yet.  I got to meet little baby Georgia just before Christmas for some photos around their house.  It was decorated for Christmas, Molly was home on maternity leave, and it was warm and quiet and a wonderful to capture that season.  Just a few weeks ago, I met them at their neighborhood park for a picnic and a few pictures of Georgia at 8 months!  I love the Lunds for their whimsy, intelligence, and affection with their kids.  It’s a treat every time I get to see them!