Nov 26, 2008
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I am afraid of sounding like a broken record talking about how much I adore all of my couples, but here I go again, because Natalie and Dirck are precious to me.  I have always loved how they break the mold.  They are this wonderful blend of seemingly opposite characteristics and tastes…their lives are a combination of cosmopolitan elegance and down home ranch living.  They are continually down to earth and focused on others.  The wide spectrum of relationships represented at their wedding is evidence of their magnetism and influence in many people’s lives.  I swear, every time I saw Natalie this year, she was more interested in asking about my pregnancy than talking about herself or her wedding.  I am continually humbled by the kindness and love of people like this.
This wedding really had it all- beauty and elegance, humor, tears(…LOTS of tears of joy during the ceremony).  And these guys know how to have fun!  Enjoy….


Here is the church, here is the steeple….

I love this moment- it carries the weight of anticipation of those doors opening- photo by Nicole Parigo
235bennett_hoagland.jpg272bennett_hoagland.jpgDirck peeks up at Natalie during the prayer, Dirck’s dad wipes the tears natdircer.jpg311bennett_hoagland.jpg317bennett_hoagland.jpg
Dirck and his buddies purchased a run down school bus for tailgates, fully decorated with pirate flags and other kitch…perfect wedding getaway
344bennett_hoagland.jpg347bennett_hoagland.jpg365bennett_hoagland.jpgpoerlight.jpg danflowers.jpg408bennett_hoagland.jpg411bennett_hoagland.jpg418bennett_hoagland.jpg457bennett_hoagland.jpg468bennett_hoagland.jpg560bennett_hoagland.jpg562bennett_hoagland.jpg568bennett_hoagland.jpg583bennett_hoagland.jpg604bennett_hoagland.jpg621bennett_hoagland.jpg651bennett_hoagland.jpg666bennett_hoagland.jpg 

Blessings to you guys!

  • There you go again, bringing tears to my eyes while viewing photos of a complete stranger’s wedding! The first one that got me was the reflection of the bride’s dad in the limo window as he opened the door for his daughter….layers of emotion and meaning there. All of the pictures are absolutely stunning…well done, Becca

  • Great work again, Becca. Always inspiring to see your work.

  • Bec, I believe that if you didn’t truly love and adore all your couples, your pictures wouldn’t turn out so great! Your love for them shows in each frame!
    Many people I love have been married at that church … it makes for amazing pictures with a beautiful church in the background. We found out AFTER Molly got married there that many of the brides have signed the back of the mirror in the dressing room. What a great tradition!