It’s a pretty deep thing to photograph big moments in the lives of people you love.  This November I got to photograph the wedding of one of my dearest friends, Kelly Jackson.  More on Kelly and Jeremy tomorrow, when I share some images from their very special wedding.  But for now, I wanted to share a handful of simple love-filled moments from the night before the wedding; a small family rehearsal dinner.  As I looked through the images, I became even more aware than I was that night of all of these great exchanges of affection.  These little gestures tell a big story.

This first image is my favorite.  One of the elements of this wedding and this story that I love the most is that in marrying Jeremy, Kelly is also marrying his two boys, David and JJ.  As her close friend, I got to see that she loved them immediately.  Both because they are wonderful and she adores them, but also because she is making a commitment to them, to love them forever and to make them her family.  Kelly was emotional as she gave the boys a very personal gift that she had made for them, and David quickly stood up and grabbed Kelly and his dad with the biggest hug.  It’s so good to see the beginning of them taking her into their lives as well.