Apr 04, 2008
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When my father-in-law, Wes, moved down to Marathon, TX a couple of years ago, I had no idea that the sleepy desert town would soon be one of my most inspiring places. This is a classic Southwest Texas town, one that you could miss if you weren’t paying close attention as you literally pass through the whole town in less than a minute driving down hwy 90. Marathon is a place where every interaction seems serendipitous. At Wes’s gas-station-turned to-furniture gallery, cyclists, road trippers, bikers, hikers from all over the world stop in for directions, water, asking where to get food.  Last weekend we met two young cyclists biking across the country to raise money for battered women and children, then hours later, a couple from Brussels wandered in asking for a good place to eat. Wes invited them in to share our family meal.  This is how it is in Marathon.  People spend their lives outside, and live by the rhythm of the sun rising and setting. The small community gathers often to “talk story”, share coffee, drinks, a campfire.  Folks have gone there to escape “the machine”, other folks have lived there all their lives, but it seems everyone there has a common vision for the way things should be.  And we agree.  Being there inspires me to live better here, back home.  This year, I spent most of my time hanging out with people, but had a few chances to shoot, and here are some of my favorite bites from my trip.1d2n6282-copy.jpg1d2n5992-copy.jpg
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