Apr 05, 2012
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Isn’t she just the picture of grace and beauty?  So happy for you Anna and Michael.  May parenthood bring you a million beautiful surprises.

  • bet

    so lovely! you captured her sweet grace well.

  • I really enjoyed these! Very pretty. The first + fourth images are my favorite.

  • Oh Lordy, Becca. I want to shout expletives these are so good. How? How do you keep getting better and better and better? The first image reminds me of Edith. : ) The lighting & lines in all of these are stunning. And oh. my. word. who is this woman? She is radiantly beautiful. If only I could glare into the lens of a camera like her and turn people into stone. . . these are the best soon to be mama pictures I’ve seen.

  • JoEllen

    She’s a dream….how beautiful! Great job on the picts.

  • These are absolutely GORGEOUS Becca. Love them to pieces.

  • allison cloud

    becca, you have so perfectly captured anna’s radiance and grace. she is a stunning beauty, and michael is going to fall to the floor when he sees these! anna, you do pregnancy so very well! you guys should have at least as many kids as your parents did! love you and becca both!

  • jewel is right, the first image : edith. I adore these. well done, beautiful artist.