Kristin and Peter hosted Mark and I for two days in the place they call home together, Brooklyn, NY.  It was a wonderful adventure and we fell in love with Brooklyn and with Kristin and Peter.

The two originally met in New Orleans, another city that they deeply love.  Kristin was in school at Tulane, Peter had recently graduated, and a friend introduced them one night at the art gallery Kristin was working at.  They were residents of New Orleans when Katrina happened.   Somewhere in there, Kristin studied in Paris and Peter visited her for an epic trip together.  To me, the places these two have lived in and visited are a big part of their story.      Kristin and Peter seem to hold “places” in high regard.  They don’t just reside in a city, they seek it out, and collect the parts of it that they love and it becomes part of who they are as individuals and as a couple.  They shine in hospitality, it is one of their favorite things to create a good time for guests.  Clearly their wedding will be a gift to all of their guests, and I’m so excited to be a part of it too.

So here is a look at some favorite photos that I took of Kristin and Peter on a day in Brooklyn.

  • Sarah Pierce

    I looove the train pics and the, “Frankies” : )

  • Sherry

    Awesome, Becca! You make everyone look romantic, even the people sleeping on the train.

  • Absolutely incredible. Love the way you did these photos. A definite window into their personalities.

  • B. These are beautiful. The ones that stood out most to me were: the archway with the beautiful blue sky–her red lips pop against that blue. I love the shot through the circular shaped arm rests on the bench. The people watching are really funny. But, I’m most interested in the couple and the cool circular shape you shot through. The 3 verticals with the off-white background are simple & modern, yet really stood out to me. And, I love that you were with them for long enough to also catch some great night shots as well. They are all really beautiful. I love how versatile you are when shooting. You give people a variety of images that are all stylistically beautiful and different. . . can’t wait to shoot their wedding.