When Kelsey and Joe decided to get married in Estes Park, they could have never imagined that their wedding would be right in the heart of what was called Estes’ “500 Year Flood”.  Every road into Estes was eventually shut down, some of them washed away by the flood.  All cell service and landlines were out for two days, there was no gasoline, and all visitors were being asked to evacuate the town.  The hardest part for Kelsey and Joe was worrying about their loved ones who were in transit through the storm with no communication.  But here is why it is a happy story.  When things go wrong at weddings, all of the “stuff” is stripped away, and what remains is the love between the couple and the love that surrounds them.  The day of the rehearsal dinner, the restaurant was forced to close because of flooding, but family and friends forged the whole town for a place to gather.  Joe’s sister found a beautiful vacant mountain home and another relative whipped up dinner for 40 people in 5 hours.  The 12 piece band couldn’t get in to Estes, so family stepped up and played DJ all night from a laptop.

When Kelsey and I talked months before the wedding, she said she just really wanted people to have a good time and for people to see the love that they share.  The day of the wedding, the sun came out for the first time in a week, and Kelsey and Joe read their vows to each other to the guests that were there, and everybody cried, and it was one of the most moving ceremonies I’ve seen all year.  In the end, both Kelsey and Joe say that the only thing that mattered is that they got to get married.  I am in love with these two and their families.  It was a wedding that was fun and beautiful and unforgettable.  Here are some favorites…

Kelsey’s dad had been one of the people that had a hard time getting safely into Estes.  Here she greets him after he finally arrived

At the rehearsal dinner, some of Kelsey’s “missing” bridesmaids arrived and there was a huge sigh of relief

Joe toasts his family who pulled together a last minute rehearsal dinner

Wedding day

The groomsmen go ready in a screening room where Easy Rider was playing

My husband Mark’s photo below

Mark’s photo below

the elk were surrounding us in the mountains during the ceremony and giving out mating calls.  Mark’s photo below

  • Cathy Mosimann

    Becca!!! You’ve done it again…I can not get the smile off of my face. These photos are so representative and reflective of our experiences in Estes Park and we are so happy to have had you there with us to document the emotions as well as the weather! Bless you…all our love.
    Cathy & Bill

  • Goodness, what a truly unforgettable wedding. Although I’m sure the couple & family felt sadness about the complications involved with the tragic disaster the first word that came to mind when looking at this post was “joy.” So many of the photos exhibit an authentic joy despite the saddening elements. I love a lot of the images posted. The one of the brides dad dipping her in the bedroom is so amazing–that needs to be framed. And way to go Mark! What a trooper, his photos are great. I kind of want to frame the the B&W elk photo and put it in my house. : ) . . . Beautiful work.

  • Nancy Alexander

    The pictures are beautiful and I cried all over again. Thank you for capture the wonderful celebration in words and pictures.

  • Barbie Nepote

    So wish I Could of been there for your joyous event. I know your dad was happy he made it. Everything was soooooo lovely. I hope we can get some prints, so many we want to frame. Kelsey, you were a beautiful bride, your dad and I love you so much!

  • Kathy

    Beautiful couple. Another wonderful celebration perfectly captured by Becca Spears.

  • Allyson

    pure magic. and i completely second jewel’s comment on wanting a copy of that b&w elk photo. my husband saw it and said “that needs to be on our wall”. amazingly beautiful.