For a number of years, Kelly and I would meet on the eliptical trainers at the gym first thing in the morning, and often our conversation revolved around the ups and down of her dating life.  At one point she was so disappointed with the journey that she said she had basically given up on love.  I thought to myself “okay, yeah right.  You will find love, but I’ll let you do what you need to do for the time being”.  I just knew that there was no way that this woman who was one of the most luminous life filled friends I had ever known should be giving up on the idea of finding love.  Kelly is the kind of person who pays for all of her friends to go see the Bon Jovi concert because she was obsessed with him when she was young, and then ends the night by swimming in city fountains in her 80s ripped  t-shirt.  If she were Oprah, she would take all her friends on a cruise.  She is incredibly thoughtful, and talented, and funny, and faithful as a friend.  She always looks radiant like she’s just returned from the beach, with the best natural blonde hair I’ve ever seen.  About a year ago, Jeremy unexpectedly came into the picture.  As Kelly explained it, all these years she had been wondering if her expectations for what she wanted in a husband were too high.  She was frustrated because she met several people who would have  some of the character qualities she was looking for, but then the cultural element wouldn’t be there.  For as much joy as Kelly takes in design and art and beautiful food and great music, she had always hoped to find not only a man of character- but a man who could take joy in these things with her.     She wondered if she needed to start being okay with OR rather than hoping for AND.   After an early date with Jeremy at the Nelson Atkins Museum of art, she was walking out to the car and felt God saying to her “See Kelly?  Your expectations weren’t too high; they were too low.”  Jeremy became the AND, the one who was all of the things she had hoped for an more.

Getting to know Jeremy and his boys, I have quickly grown to respect him immensely.  He is wise and gentle.  Devoted, creative, intelligent.  He loves Kelly in ways that surpass all of my hopes for her as her friend.  It was so beautiful to be with these two on the day that their new life together began.  Here are some favorites, and feel free to see the whole slideshow here.

A very special thanks to Dave and Jessi Lueck, who were about 1 week past their due date for their second baby, and they still insisted that Dave be my partner in shooting that day.  You will see several of his photo below.

Kelly was getting her hair and makeup done while her aunt was telling the story of when she knew Jeremy was the one for Kelly

I love the way Jeremy’s youngest son JJ hangs on his daddy’s shoulder.  Photo below by Dave Lueck

Kelly and Jeremy were both at the church, and as I looked through the time stamp on the photos later, I realized that while Kelly was two floors above praying in the balcony, Jeremy was walking this prayer labyrinth with his bows in the basement.  Photo below by Dave Lueck

as we were doing a few portraits right before the ceremony, Kelly was still able to remain present.  To the point that she kept welling up with tears

Instead of having their closest friends as a part of the wedding party, they decided to ask each guest to be a part of the wedding by lighting one of the altar candles as they were seated for the ceremony.  Every candle up there represented one of their friends.  I particularly liked this moment when four of Kelly’s best friends went up together and two of them are laughing because they can’t get it lit, while two of them are laughing because Jessi can’t stop crying.

Jeremy’s former neighbor who became a really big part of his life in the years he lived there

photo below by Dave Lueck

photo below by Dave Lueck

Kelly and Jeremy designed and built all of the centerpieces and decorations.  And included food and drinks from many of their favorite local places.  Below is a picture of Manifesto’s Little Red Bell cocktail, which they had on one of their first dates.

Kelly, Jeremy, and the boys surprised us all with a hilarious and impressive family dance

photo below by Dave Lueck

photo below by Dave Lueck


  • Amazing photos. So many things going on: the love, the super romantic texture of the dress, the leaves, the geometry! Beautiful shots of what seemed like a beautiful day.

  • Megan

    Becca- the light. It’s ridiculous. I remember all those moments- and they were not that BRIGHT. You are so deeply, talented. I love the light in all of them. Thanks for capturing all this so beautifully for her.

  • Oh man, I am soooooo happy for Kelly. These are the weddings I’m so sad to have not photographed with you. I love the photo of them coming down the aisle after the ceremony–such an explosion of excitement, then soon after–the image in the car right after the ceremony–looks like such a sweet sigh of relief.

  • oh my goodness, becca, these are so special. I find myself completely captivated by the beauty of this story and the beauty that Kelly carries within and without herself in every single image. so so well done. what a gift you (and dave) have given them! xo