With Kelli it was love at first sight….for me I mean.  I saw her walk into the chic Michael Nolte Bridal fair, White, and I said to Pam, “I want that bride”.  She’s beautiful, yes, but what radiates from her is a warmth, openness, and love for life and people.  I knew she was the real thing.  Shortly after meeting Kelli at White, I got to sit down with her and Troy, and fell in love with Troy to an equal extent.  They are the kind of people you want to do life with- they live with generosity and passion.  They treasure above all their many close friends and family.  Troy beamed as he talked about his three wonderful kids, Kelli teared up when she thought of her time with her dad before walking down the aisle. All that to say, just like many of our clients, I am sad that the wedding is over because I consider them friends and I will miss them!
One of the truly special things about this wedding was that Tyler and I got a chance to shoot together!  We have always known that bringing both of our strengths together in one wedding would allow us to cover moments to an even greater extent, and as we talked through the wedding day, we felt that there were plenty of situations where having an additional shooter would be really helpful.  You saw how we were able to cover the rehearsal with each of us in different places, and that luxury continued through out the wedding day- an extra set of eyes, an additional angle, another creative mind for portraits.  It was really fun for us, and a wonderful bonus for Kelli and Troy.
So, without going on any longer, here are some favorites from the day….

I just LOVE this pic of Tyler’s of Troy’s arrival

Kelli tried to temper waves of emotion as she was getting ready033andrews_florian-copy.jpg 
Nicole caught this great moment between the moms
the next two are Tyler’s- Troy and his son Aaron getting ready 
174andrews_florian-copy.jpg  179andrews_florian-copy.jpg
Kelli sees her dad for the first time that day… 
seeingdad.jpg 192andrews_florian-copy.jpg197andrews_florian-copy.jpg204andrews_florian-copy.jpg  
 I love Kelly’s quiet and concentrated mood moments before she enters the church 
Tyler captured the parade of sweet flower girls 
335andrews_florian-copy.jpg 343andrews_florian-copy.jpg
347andrews_florian-copy.jpg 385andrews_florian-copy.jpgkellysunlit.jpgchurchportr.jpg 
Tyler’s beautiful scene setter below
The best man outed Kelli for her love of shopping…
Tyler’s- one of our favorite pictures of the day 
473andrews_florian-copy.jpg 483andrews_florian-copy.jpg487andrews_florian-copy.jpg 531andrews_florian-copy.jpg587andrews_florian-copy.jpg
616andrews_florian-copy.jpg 640andrews_florian-copy.jpg
these last two are Tyler’s… 
We loved working with you guys!  Can’t wait to see you for the viewing party!     

  • Beautiful! Feels like I was there all over again!! We should get together soon:)

  • Lovely!
    She looks like KAte Hudson. 🙂

  • The portraits of the bride are stunning!

  • Kelli

    Humbled, Honored and Grateful – these are the words that come to mind to thank Becca and Tyler for their sincere words of graciousness. For their absolute dedication to capture the love and beauty of every moment of our wedding. You missed nothing and created a gift that will allow Troy and I the opportunity to experience the emotions and excitement of our blessed day each time we view your pictures of journalistic soul. Becca you have been a compassionate woman of talent and depth. Tyler you made the experience both enjoyable and artistic – and the fact that you both were so dedicated to know our lives to be able to capture the true “us” on our wedding day leaves us awe struck!! Troy and Kelli

  • Pammycakes

    COOL! You are the mostest beautiful bride in the whole wide world!

  • William Tipton Crews


  • Lisa Wilkes

    Wow….I love looking at this special day you both shared with friends and family. You two deserve a happy and healthy life together!! I told Troy years ago that Kelli was the girl for him….much happiness to both of you! Onward Love Lisa Wilkes-Barber

  • Andrea Fellows

    WOW!! Kelli you lookeed absolutely amazing! What a beautiful couple. Congrats…I wish you both the best!

  • Kathy Huskey

    I am just now looking at these for the first time. WOW! What a beautiful bride! I couldn’t get in to see all the pictures so was glad to see this. If you read this, Kelli and Troy, I hope you are doing well, one year later. Love always, Kathy