Kelli and Troy’s wedding was extra special for more reasons than one, but most notably for us, was that Tyler and I got to shoot together (more on that later…).  When we sat down for our final meeting before the wedding, Kelli was telling us about how excited she was about her rehearsal, not only the incredible styling that her friends had worked so hard on for the dinner, but we also found out that she and her dad had planned a prank for the actual rehearsal.  Dad is a big Johnny Cash fan, so in all of 2 minutes between the initial walkthrough and the final time down the aisle, Dad and Kelli were going to change into Johnny and June garb, and let the church doors open to a big surprise for all their family and friends.  Tyler and I  knew we couldn’t miss either of these things- we split the time- he was at the Hawthorne House capturing the silliness while I arrived early to shoot the beauty at Red Barn Farm.
Stay tuned for the big wedding day later this week…
Here Kelli and Dad scramble to change 036_andrews_reh-copy.jpg 041_andrews_reh-copy.jpg

One of the other highlights of the wedding for me was getting to work with Pastor Tom Brawner, who is very personally dear to me, and had become especially dear to Kelli and Troy through their engagement.
The rehearsal dinner was my idea of dinner in paradise- one big table open to the fall air, the glimmer of candle light, each place setting a unique piece of old china.  It was spectacular yet familiar and completely comfortable.
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