The Lang’s are dear friends of my parents, and it has been so neat getting to know Jeni, Kurt, and the whole family better over the past many months.  I love the way Jeni and Kurt look at each other.  I had a sense through out the wedding day that they find so much comfort in each other.  Both Kurt and Jeni are surrounded with friends that love them and know them well.  The day was equally saturated with reverence and celebration.  Tears and mouth wide open laughter.  Take a look at some favorites… 

The crowning moment…I love the moment when the veil goes on and you see that glint in the brides eyes, like “this is really it!” 023lang_foster-copy.jpg 
It’s always fun to work media into a wedding story- in 20 years it will bring perspective of the times009lang_foster-copy.jpg

I often encourage couples to wait to see each other until the ceremony, but in Kurt and Jeni’s case, they really wanted that time before the ceremony to be alone, and it ended up being one of the most memorable times of the day for them.


Jeni can hear the ceremony going on just inside the doors…