Jackie and Kyle are salt of the earth kind of people.  I admire the way they live, the things they value, their kindness and generosity.  I love that Jackie laughs loud with her whole body, and I love how Kyle laughs adoringly along with her.  Sometimes I have to remind people throughout the wedding day to forget my presence and be themselves.  To my glee, Jackie and Kyle ignored me so well, that I actually had to raise my voice if I ever did need to get their attention.  They really truly wanted what we offer- a concentration on real moments and an almost completely uninterrupted record of the day.

I’ll start off in the bride’s prep room.  Lots of energy with this crowd.  Here the bridesmaids model their evening gloves for Jackie….
and Jackie’s mom brings pictures of the ballroom in it’s stages of prep

Kyle slipped away for some quiet to think through his vows 
I love this glance between Jackie and mom 
Kyle had a box from Tiffany’s delivered to Jackie as a surprise along with a long handwritten note 
Jackie happily trades her original jewelry plan for her new necklace 
112vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg 136vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg
motioning to her bridesmaids as the processional begins
There is something so wonderfully dramatic when the bride begins her walk down the aisle from outside of the church.   164vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg 177vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg 182vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg 202vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg 
a hug immediately following the ceremony 209vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg 233vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg237vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg246vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg254vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg259vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg266vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg283vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg271vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg 275vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg
Kyle and mom waltzed 
305vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg366vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg 369vanmeter_mcnabb-copy-2.jpg378vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg395vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg425vanmeter_mcnabb-copy.jpg  

  • Great pictures! So much life! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but mine has to be the sillouettes of the bride and groom and some groomsmen against the outside wall of the church.

  • Grandma V

    What a beautiful bride — cinderella has nothin’ on you, babe!!! The grooms not bad either :)… I can’t wait to see more pictures.