Nov 01, 2013
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Tonight as Charlotte was running in the dark from house to house, she exclaimed, out of breath, “I love this!  Halloween is my favorite season!”  As she ran to the next house she exclaimed “I’m so exciteeedd!”  She seriously exclaimed something running up to every door.  And sweet little Fiona was just sitting in her warm peacock costume in the stroller, sucking her thumb, and laughing every time she heard another kid laugh.  Too fascinated to go to sleep.

Here are my Cleopatra and Peacock girls.

as soon as I put the eyeliner on Charlotte she started talking in an accent and doing these moves

  • Becca, these are so fabulous! Cutest Cleopatra & Peacock ever!

  • Awww….Fiona cracks me up. She’s just content as can be hanging out in a large fluffy peacock outfit. And Charlotte is such a little beauty. I love both costumes.

  • karen baxter

    Love the pictures! I am so glad that Linda shared with me. It is fun to keep up with my friend Linda’s son’s families. I worked with Linda at Raytheon.