About a third of the time, my couples live in another state and in order to get to know one another before the wedding, we rely on a few phone calls and maybe a skype get together.  Every time I talked with Faith throughout the year, I thought to myself how positive and gracious she was and how happy I was to have been connected with these two.  Even after a brief conversation with her dad over the phone about logistics, I could tell that he loved his daughter very much.  I knew this would be a good wedding.

The wedding was on the most beautiful sunny day in early November.  One of my favorite photos of the day was made by my guest second shooter for the day, Wichita photojournalist Craig Hacker.  He found a great hidden spot up front and captured the sweet way that Faith and Julian look at each other.  I felt like it was a very “them” moment, a look that a saw several times throughout the day, but Craig captured it for them in the context of standing up at the altar, about to begin married life together.  The reception was a non stop dance party, fueled by this super-fun cover band that I saw for the first time, The Patrick Lentz Band.

Thank you Faith and Julian for inviting me to be a part!  Here are a few highlights…

Faith’s flower girl was a girl she had nannied for awhile, and their connection was so sweet

bridesmaids looking through 1970s family wedding photos

Faith’s dad couldn’t stop the tears that day

photo below by Craig Hacker

Faith’s brother brought out the Batman costume