I love making my living as a photographer.  I am at my best when the line between my personal life and work and my professional projects is blurred almost to nonexistence.  I remember hearing that W. Eugene Smith once said, “You can’t photograph if you’re not in love”.  And I find that to be a simple, steadfast, powerful truth.  I really care about my clients, and I come to know them as friends.  Through my affection for them, I am able to study them more closely, and I think, portray them with an intimacy that can only happen if there’s care involved.  Another important lesson for me in my career as a wedding photographer has been that I need to let my mind wander and play photographically in my personal life in order to maintain that kind of “wandering” and free point of view in the intensity of a wedding day.  It’s really easy to get caught up in preconceived ideas about what a wedding is, what shots people want, etc., instead of the better approach (in my opinion), which is to let life throw you some surprises and really look- really engage with your surroundings and how this day is uniquely beautiful.
All that is merely to express a “thanks” and “I love you” as I share my last wedding of 2008.  Things have been so crazy with the studio move, the holiday rush, expecting the baby- that I am super late on posting this.  Bet better late than never.  It’s definitely a wedding worth sharing.
Emily and Jeremy- you guys have been so great to work with.  I love how much you love photography, and it is pure pleasure to work with people as easy going and authentic as you two.  Best! 
The guys passed the afternoon with a little Guitar Hero 026watkins_martens.jpg

Emily’s dad passed away several years ago, but she held a photo of him in her bouquet all day and he was commemorated with Monarch butterflies throughout the wedding 
Emily is very close with her mom.  Here her mom tells her a few sweet things as they prepare to head to the church
142watkins_martens-copy.jpg  194watkins_martens.jpg242watkins_martens.jpg
I was lucky enough to have Brandon and Nicole Parigo shooting with me that day- they were tucked away up front to catch these great expressions.
emjercer.jpg310watkins_martens.jpg312watkins_martens.jpgemily.jpg 331watkins_martens.jpg333watkins_martens.jpg335watkins_martens.jpg
these next two are Brandon’s….339watkins_martens.jpg368watkins_martens.jpg369watkins_martens.jpg
one of my favorite shots from the day- perfectly captured by Nicole
yes, that’s right, there was a fight on the floor over the bouquet