I met Elle and Greyson at the wedding of one of my dearest past couple’s wedding- Tommy and Emily Hess.  Elle is Tommy’s sister, and I remember thinking how cute Elle and Greyson were walking down the aisle as wedding party.  Little did I know that a few years later, I would get to record them walking down the aisle as bride and groom.  As I have said before, it’s wonderful to be a part of a wedding day with a family that I already know and care for.  And it was an absolute pleasure getting to know the wonderful Clymer family.  Elle and Greyson come from strong loving families and are surrounded by friends with solid history.  They were such a fun (and beautiful) crowd!
Elle and Greyson first started dating at Shawnee Mission East high school.  Everyone cracked up when one of the best men told the story of the night in high school when Elle and Greyson disappeared for a long while at a friends house, and eventually walked into the room hand in hand announcing to the room “we’re dating!”.  Oh, high school.  How cool to have known eachother all that time.  I loved working with these two because they are beautiful in every way.  It’s rare that style and beauty like theirs is matched with such genuine kindness.
Thank you guys so much for letting me be a part of your day.  Be sure to watch a slideshow of some favorites at the end of the post!
Here Elle opens a gift from one of her bridesmaids- peach champagne- certainly the beginning of some good times in the past 022hess_clymer-copy.jpg 23.jpg 

Elle’s friends were looking at the inscription on the inside of Greyson’s ring- to discover a typo! Luckily Elle laughed
048hess_clymer-copy.jpg    051hess_clymer-copy.jpg059hess_clymer-copy.jpg
A moment of excitement with both moms
A wonderful shot captured by Nicole
One of my favorite ceremony shots- Brandon got this wonderfully composed expressive moment
Elle and Greyson live in New York City, so we really wanted to tell that part of their story with an urban backdrop for portraits310hess_clymer-copy.jpg312hess_clymer-copy.jpg344hess_clymer-copy.jpg
The most memorable and elegant cakes I’ve seen- by Natasha at Mulberry and Mott
another lovely one by Brandon378hess_clymer-copy.jpg
Enjoy a few more on the slideshow.