There is something really remarkable about a wedding where all of the guests can fit at one table.  Danielle and Travis got married on a Thursday at The Farmhouse restaurant in the River Market.

When there are less than 30 people listening to a couple exchange vows, it feels so intimate that it’s almost like they are making these promises to each other in the comfort and familiarity of their own living room.

Danielle and Travis share a love for calm quiet spaces like this.  I also learned from my time with them, about their shared love of design, photography, and vintage things.  They are a really great balance of best friend, and complimenting counterpart.

I got to see them together for a day, and then look back through all of the glances, and all of their ways with each other.  When I look back through the photos, that’s often what solidifies my view of the unique connection in a couple.  In Danielle and Travis, one of the words that first comes to mind is respect.  Respect in the action sense.  Danielle and Travis seem to have a deference and sensitivity to one another that is more mature that couples who have been married for years.    They both have kindness in their eyes.  They do like quiet, but all day long, they laughed big and loud with each other and their friends.

I was so happy to have my friend and gifted photographer Dave Lueck shooting with me that day.  Thank you Danielle and Travis for choosing us.  We were honored to be a part of your beautiful day.

This timeline was a work in progress sitting on the kitchen table when I got there.  I loved the blank space for the future.

Dave’s photos of Travis at his home below

Danielle’s gift to Travis- a new packet knife for his collection

Dave’s photo below

Dave’s photo below.

Dave’s photos of Rachel below.  You should hear her voice.  It’s really heart-achingly beautiful.

Dave’s photo below

One of the most important aspects of the day for Danielle was having her grandmother there.  She wasn’t certain that she would be there until a day or two before the wedding.

Danielle and Travis love photography and they love old things.  So it was perfect that they had collected a framed photo of every couple present on their wedding day.  Here Grandma looks at hers and has a good laugh.

Dave’s photo below

Dave’s photos below

Dave’s photo below