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Oct 10, 2018
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I wanted to share some favorites from one of my favorite families. Here are Kelsey, Joe and Frances at home in September.

To spend time with these girls and his family. I can’t get enough of one year old Caroline’s expressions, and Charlotte is so sweet, always dancing around in nature with her hands up like she’s feeling the grass and the air.  It is pure, innocent happiness! And I love the way Cat and Brett love their girls. a few favorites…

Sep 07, 2018
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Little Quaid was a surprise gift. I had my own surprise gift child, so I can relate in a very real way to the rollercoaster that an unexpected child creates. I have seen my friend Jessica start on the scary part of the ride, and come around to the elated part of the ride, where you are thinking to yourself, “I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on that ride”. When I had time with their family and little Quaid was less than a week old, Jessica had this gorgeous peace about her. She was completely present with her baby, relaxed, and beautiful. I loved seeing the connection between her and Jarrod, and her and Sloan. It won’t be long until they can’t remember life without this little guy. Welcome Quaid.

Aug 24, 2018
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We did a mini session on a hot sweltering August day to record this Burns family for the last time as a family of four.  They are expecting baby brother number three any day now!  Even in our short time together, I was able to see the gentleness and love that is the atmosphere in this family.  What a pleasure it was to photograph you Leah, Drew, Braxton, and Grayson!


I loved my time with Brady, Tyler, and baby Walker. In the midst of their beautifully crafted home, my favorite parts were seeing them laugh together in the midst of being in the season of sleepless nights and new routines. Here are a few favorites of this beautiful family of three.


Aug 15, 2018
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We drive out West each summer to spend a week with these friends, and it has become even more rich since their daughter Eve was born. It’s so heart-melting when your kids fawn over the child of someone you love.

One morning on vacation, before our hiking time, we went out to get a few family pictures for Sarah, Mat, and Eve.  Eve…as a typical strong willed 1.5 year old, wasn’t having it.  All she wanted to do was explore.  As she should! Despite Eve’s uncharacteristic mood, I feel like we still stole some precious records of these three.  Love you Hirsts!

Aug 09, 2018
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One of my favorite families, and some of our most recent session, which celebrated Griffin turning one.

Jul 17, 2018
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I became friends with Sarah through a class at our gym.  At first I knew her as the blonde with the killer work ethic that always outran me. 🙂  Over time I got to know her as a loving mother of three, thriving in her growing business, who doesn’t let this life stage thwart her fun or her goals.  And then, even for people that I know pretty well, spending a few hours photographing them in real time, with their kids, when it’s 100 degrees and there are snuggles and also tantrums, this always deepens my love for them.  There were so many moments of affection between Sean and Sarah and their girls.  I felt like I often feel, that I walked away with a handful of collected treasures.  Moments of comforting a child, or a little laugh between parents that goes unregistered, but these little moments are what make up the life of their family.

I’ll start with a photo that I love to get- the entire family in one intentionally composed frame,  with everyone doing their own natural thing.  A truly frozen snapshot in time.

I’m so glad I finally got to photograph you guys!  Much love.

Jun 29, 2018
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One of my favorite girls turned seven last week!  Happy Mermaid-waterslide-baloon-fight birthday sweet Violet! I love your laugh and your dance moves and the way you make friends so easily. These Schollas know how to throw a fun party!

Jun 11, 2018
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Introducing baby Finley, the sweet little one that made the Fergusons into a family of five.  I got to meet and photograph Finley on a quiet morning when big sister Annabelle was at school, and Dad, Matt was at work, so I got some special time getting to know middle brother,  Greyson as well.  He was so attentive and involved with his little sister, and I’m thinking that they are going to have a really special bond.

Here is a peek at Finley, and also a look back at a few shoots we’ve done along the way:

Expecting their first baby

Annabelle Newborn

Annabelle at One

Expecting Greyson

Family of Four

Greyson was under the weather and feverish and needed lots of love from mom

I was amazed at watching Sarah handle the juggle of a newborn and a toddler with grace and patience and attentive love

I liked the way Greyson set up his dinosaur to watch the dinosaur movie with him.