Annie and Victor’s wedding wrapped up a really wonderful season of weddings for me.  As I kicked my feet up the day after my last wedding of the year, and thought about the night, I just could not get over how moved I was by several elements from this wedding- particularly Victor’s toast to Annie in front of hundreds of guests at the reception.  It was so meaningful and I walked away from these two with a wonderful confidence in thier love and that it is real,  and that it will last.

For that reason, I knew I just had to get my hands on that toast.  Luckily, our friend Jeff Stultz was the videographer, and he graciously let me use the audio that he so aptly recorded.  I also need to thank Tyler bigtime for sitting down with me today and helping me pull off this multi-media slideshow since he has had much more chance to dabble in it than I have. (and Mike Varel, good friend, thanks for editing those audio clips for me)

Annie, Victor, Berenbom, and Wishna families- I was truly honored to record your story.  Pop open a bottle and enjoy the show!

[vimeo width=”850″ height=”638″][/vimeo]

  • I am astounded! What an emotional, expressive video. It almost feels too private to be able to experience the loveliness of the evening. What a special heritage the family has!

  • Zachary Thacher

    Wow. Wow! WOW!!! So amazing, touching, heartfelt and true — just like the wedding. (Only now I can share this link with my mother in Boston.)

    What an honor to be a part of such a lovely event in both of my friends’ lives. As a bridegroom I have to say, Victor: well done, sir!

  • Zachary Thacher

    I mean, of course, a groomsman! I’m terrible at these naming things…

  • Julie Seaman

    Beautiful, Bec…as always!

  • Chip Shockey

    What a marvelous story of love, faith and family you captured in one most important day of life… the bride’s beautiful, ever-present smile tells it all – joy erupting from deep inside. What a story, what a gift!

  • This is an awesome photo collage. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jewel

    I just watched this entire slideshow again. Just getting pumped for tomorrow. : )