I will remember Annie and Nate by many things.  By how they didn’t put any pressure, expectations, or scripts on their day, they just enjoyed it as it came.  I will remember how fun their friends are and how much they laughed.  I will remember how sophisticated, pulled together Annie, when you get to know her better, is also really silly, a deep feeler, and a total blast.  I love the way they are with each other.  Throughout the day, I would look over and see Annie and Nathan hugging or grabbing a quick kiss.  Lots of little things showed me how well Nathan cares for Annie and looks out for her.  The party was so good that it was so hard to pick out favorites.  The entire family (including grandparents!) danced late into the night.  What a pleasure it was to know you guys through your wedding weekend.  Here are a handful of my favorite moments from the day.

I love Annie’s big laugh.  She was joking with her bridesmaids all day

Annie and her mom are really close.  As they were joking around dancing I noticed that they had a lot of the exact same dance moves.

Jewel’s shot of Nathan below

Annie’s dad had been saving this bottle of Dom for her wedding day

I love this shot of Jewel’s of Annie’s nerves right before the ceremony

I loved this moment between Annie and her dad.  The string quartet continued to play the song for a really really long time after her and her dad arrived up at the altar.  This was her reaction.

Jewel’s photo below

Jewel’s photo below

Jewel’s photo below

If you look close you can see that they are both wiping their eyes