Feb 12, 2015
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I’ve probably shared this anecdote before when I’ve shared photos of the Scobys, but one of the golden moments in our history together was when I was shooting Christy’s bridal portrait over 5 years ago.  Charlotte was a newborn, and for some reason, I think my sitter cancelled or something, but they said, “bring her to the shoot!” and while we were shooting this little newborn was crying and having blowouts, and Christy’s mom and sister were holding her and changing her diaper!  I was really embarrassed at the time, but now, it seems totally natural.  They are like my extended family of most beloved people I have known through photographing them.  When I walked in to meet little baby Annabelle for the first time, I saw Christy’s mom, and all of us just sat down and caught up before getting going on shooting.  It’s pretty beautiful to have memories of these two as young college grads, and see them go through owning a business, medical school, two kids.  I love you Scobys, and I love you, beautiful little Annabelle.

“Uptown Funk”, every toddlers’ favorite song

Big Brother Beau was so cute, he kept saying “Iaaaay gotcha Iaaay gotcha!” as he was holding his little sister.