Apr 21, 2008
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 This is a tough post to write…but I wanted to share a letter that I recently received from one of my dearest brides, LeeAnn.  She wrote me shortly after Easter to let me know that her dad had passed away very suddenly from a short battle with cancer. She wrote to say that her wedding pictures have become even more priceless to her now that she is no longer able to have her dad with her. I sat there astonished.  LeeAnn’s dad was completely well at their wedding less than a year ago.  I remember LeeAnn’s dad so well.  In fact, the moments that I was able to witness between the two of them…those private exchanges between dad and daughter right before walking down the aisle…moments that go unseen and probably often unrecorded…. I remember feeling absolutely privileged to have access into something so intimate.   So, in honor of Richard, who I remember dearly, I want to share some of these pictures with you guys, along with some of LeeAnn’s memories of her dad and her time with him on that day. This is a powerful reminder for me what a privilege and a responsibility it is to be witness at such a wonderful day in people’s lives. LeeAnn reminded me how important it is to treasure those we love. Here are some of LeeAnn’s words about her dad:


 “your intuition and ability to capture such special moments of that day means more than my family or I can explain to you.  The pictures bring back all the feelings I had during each one.  I remember him telling me how proud he was to be my dad and how he knew Iannick was such a special person and was so happy he was joining our family. He would say something funny to lighten the nervousness he knew I felt. I remember thinking that day about how I had imagined my wedding day would be as I was a kid, and telling him how mom and he and Iannick’s family had made those dreams come true…. it was almost surreal. I can remember how nervous I was (good, happy nervous) as the music started and mom left for the processional and it was just dad and I.  He made me feel so… at peace by holding my hand, his amazing hugs, and by every comforting word that came out of his mouth.  He could just give me a “look” and I then knew everything was okay.  So… many thoughts went through my mind as we waited to walk down the aisle… thinking back to growing up and to all the blessings my family and God had given me to my life… realizing how hard my family had worked for all we had… wandering how I was so lucky to be marrying Iannick and to have such a special, close family.  I know it made him so happy to see how happy I was as it was the happiest day of my life.  I think for him, he was taking in every moment as well and he was so happy, so proud. I remember him telling me how beautiful every part of the wedding was and how it was the best Father’s day gift he could ever have (since father’s day was the next day).  Those moments with dad as all the moments of the day were just so… special, so real.  Everything that had been planned and planned didn’t even matter anymore, it was the true, unbelievable emotions I felt that I will remember most.   I know our lives will remain as full as they were when dad was physically here because he will help bring happiness and laughter from heaven and pour it down on us, remaining our rock and our light, always.  I thank God for that beautiful day and your amazing talent and for every moment I was blessed to have with my dad and my family through my life.  I am eternally grateful.” 

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  • What a beautiful post and photos.

  • Sherry Shockey

    Ahhh, father and daughter, eternal love. What an amazing thing that those pictures have been captured, and how beautiful they are.

  • Evelyn Brasier Bernard

    Thank you so much for these pictures. I could not attend the wedding. There are no coincidences in life. God knew how important these moments would be to our family. Thank you again, Richard’s sister

  • Joel

    What is a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. That’s what it is all about

  • Powerful!

    What a beautiful tribute to the life and love between a father and daughter. Thank you for sharing.

  • Julie Chonko

    Wow! Bec–what a special tribute to what sounds like an amazing father. You really captured the love between them.