A week ago Sunday many of my dear friends showered me and my coming baby girl with gifts and love at one of my favorite spots in Kansas City, Natasha’s Mulberry and Mott.  I blogged a few months ago about their grand opening, and to my great pleasure, some of my dearest girlfriends conspired with Natasha and Vicky, shop owners, to host a wonderful get- together, where everyone nibbled on a menagerie of gourmet sweets, espresso, and tea.  
The gals all conjured up their inner illustrator and created letter flash cards with crayons for my little chica.  I especially liked “U is for Uvula” that is pictured below 🙂  There were some seriously good illustrations, especially by my friend Betsy, who I think needs to start illustrating children’s books.  I tasted my first macaroon, which is pretty much like giving crack a try.  Natasha’s pistachio macaroons taste as perfect as they look.  The best part is the way they just collapse into creamy goodness once you bite through the delicate surface.  One of the other great surprises was a very heartfelt and handmade piece of art from Natasha.  She made a fanciful little girls cake topped with an elephant (she named her Penelope) that looks like the real thing, but is even better, because it is a model that my little one will be able to use for tea parties for years to come!
First, here is a pic with me and my pals Holly, Cari, and Taryn, who hosted this little party for me (we sorely missed the other host, my dear friend Sarah Schultz who was super ill that day.
The rest of the beautiful pictures below are a gift to me from my beloved friend Jessica Roark of epagafoto.  She brought her camera and captured the whole thing so that I could just sit back and enjoy.  I just love this one of my lovely mom below…
momandme.jpg kristen-ashley-cari.jpg
the darling gift cake on the left, and my friend Beth on the right- she brought her new little baby girl Hazel, who we have conspired is going to be best friends with my daughter
cake-beth-hazel.jpg 033a-copy.jpg 106a-copy.jpg
this cute little number is one of two adorable onesies that Beth hand stitched!  Can you believe it?!  And the branch even wraps around the the back! 059a.jpg 
Thank you so much friends and Mulberry and Mott!    

  • I love it! Thank you, Jessica!

  • Vanessa

    congrats on being a soon-to-be mama! you look fabulous!

  • YAY! it was so wonderful to share it with you and the other wonderful gals in your life. Jessica, the photos are beautiful!

  • What a wonderful shower, Bec. The pictures are amazing and definitely capture the entire shower. 🙂

  • Becca,
    These pictures are so joyful,I can sense the love you share with your friends and the picture of your Mom really does justice to her elegant beauty, both outer and inner. I cannot wait to see you(can I pat your tummy if your little chica kicks?)!! Jan

  • Congrats! I’m very excited for you! Also – talk about small world…Taryn’s sister Cristyn grew up with my hubby so I’ve known her for about 12 years now! Wow…small world. 🙂

    Congrats again. You look beautiful.

  • Kelli

    Hello Dear Becca!!
    I jumped on the website today to look at our wedding pics and I was so happy to see your beautiful face!! What an amazing shower which you and your little girl deserve!! The cake looked amazing and the little owl onsie is precious!! Mulberry and Mott is such an adorable little piece of
    I still need to pick out our photos for the wedding album and others!! The holidays and getting settled in the new house have set me back a bit!!

    Miss you friend and hope all is well – can’t wait for your new blessing to arrive!!

    Take care!
    Kelli Andrews Florian

  • Marli Adams

    What an elegant celebration, Becca! It is evident that you are so loved by your friends. I wish I was here to share this time with you. I can’t wait to come back and see your little “principessa”!