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Jan 26, 2018
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I feel so lucky that I got a behind the scenes look into all of the sweetness and fun that unfolds at the annual Father Daughter Dance at Charlotte’s school.  Here is a peek into last weekend’s party…

Jan 25, 2018
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I knew that Casey and Mallory valued family above most other things when I got to know them as one of my wedding couples.  So I was so excited last summer when Mallory called to schedule a newborn shoot for their coming baby.  It is such an honor and a joy to get to know and record people over time.  It’s one the the most rewarding aspects of my work, to capture the long-term story.

Seeing them in actions parents, they are complete naturals.  Mallory is calm and and engaging and little gestures that I noticed that she did with Hutchison showed how much she treasures him.  I can tell that Casey will bring humor into this child’s life every day.  Even though newborn smiles are apparently just gas, I thought it was appropriate that Hutchison smiled several times while Casey was holding him. Hutchison is a family name, coming from Mallory’s grandmother, and there are hints of family history all over Hutchisons room, including an old world map where one of their grandparents had charted all of their travels.

Here are a few favorites of the Laurs and their  blue eyed boy, born in the Christmas season of 2017.

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