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Dec 13, 2016
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There is no shortage of personality and humor and love in this family! Here are the Oxandales…

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Dec 12, 2016
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My husband introduced me to the Tarantos after he had done some home projects for them.  He always said they were just the best, and after spending a few hours with them, I came home and said, “They’re so beautiful!  They’re so nice!  I absolutely love them!”.  He nodded, like, “I know”.  Here are a few favorites from our time together, starting with the last frame I shot from that day, but it was my favorite because it was completely authentic and unexpected.  Big sister was about to leave while little brother got his diaper changed, and this little moment happened…


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I love this family with all of my heart!


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Meet the Benselmeyers.  Big brother Oliver, and the new little Henry.  This was one of those really special shoots where I walked in the door and the authenticity didn’t skip a beat.  They didn’t switch into picture mode.  I had several instances where a sincere moment came together in front of me, and I had the feeling that I had witnessed something really important.  I will start with one of those…mom feeding and comforting baby Henry as dad and Oliver wrestle.

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