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Annemarie and Patrick have just about every good quality you could name.  Their outer beauty is matched by their inner beauty.  They are successful and intelligent, rooted in some of the strongest family and friendship bonds I’ve seen.  When my two assistant photographers met them for the first time that day, they looked at me after seeing the way Annemarie and Patrick were with each other and said, “are they always like this?”  (so happy and kind and beautiful).  I said “I know!”.  It made our job easy and fun.

Thank you Fox and Kelly families for allowing us to be the ones to document your beautiful moments.

Special thanks also to Brandon Parigo and David Tsai for being my shooting partners that day.

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Jul 18, 2014

My cousin Ashley fell in love shortly after she moved to South Africa several years ago and met George.  Our extended family met George only a few times, over Christmas Eve dinners a few years.  But we really liked him.  And we knew that someday, this may mean that Ashley would get married and build roots all the way across the Atlantic.  George surprised Ashley by proposing right after landing in the US, and having each passenger on the plane hand Ash a flower.  The story got lots of buzz and actually made national news, which is funny because they don’t even like that kind of attention.  When I talked to Ashley about taking some pictures for the two of them, she used the word “simple” to describe them.  I love that.   And they are that.

As I was shooting I felt like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, picturing his grown up daughter as a little girl.  I saw Ashley look at George, and saw the way he made her laugh and the way her easy laugh disarmed him.  And I saw her beautiful face and I remembered that same pretty face as a little girl.  Then I thought of her parents.  Then I started crying.  No just kidding.  But I am very sentimental about my cousin finding love.

I look forward to getting to know you two as a couple over many more holidays.  with love, becca.

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