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Mar 27, 2014
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Ellen and Georgia Lund are almost exactly the same ages as my two girls, so it’s really fun to get to see them every 6 months or so and see that they’re doing lots of the same sisterly things that my girls are doing.  Specifically,  now that Georgia is almost a year and a half, the age gap seems to be getting smaller, while the bond is getting bigger.  We spent a Saturday hanging around the house a bit, then off for treats.  Enjoy these cuties!

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Mar 26, 2014
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The honest truth is that I have always wanted a pony party for my birthday.  Like as a grown up.  So I slyly suggested ponies and native american crafts to Charlotte as a theme for her 5th birthday party, and she thought it sounded great!  Lucky me!

I kept busy keeping 17 5 year olds entertained so I wasn’t able to shoot much, but here is a little peek into my sweetie’s 5th birthday party.

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Mar 24, 2014
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These pictures are mostly a love story about my good friend Beth and her third child, her son, Teddy.  Named after Theodore Roosevelt, his nursery is decorated with illuminated curtains of the forest floor.  Teddy’s go-to move is to bury his face in his mom’s neck with a smile.  Beth has a special love with each of her kids, but seeing her with her baby, and her one boy- there is certainly something set apart for these two.  Love you BA.

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