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Feb 26, 2014
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I first met Nicole and Brandon when I second shot their with Tyler Wirken.  I was just starting to shoot weddings, and we had no idea at the time, that we would become great friends, and all end up having our own careers documenting weddings down the road (you can see the Parigos incredible documentary films here).  Brandon and Nicole welcomed their oldest, Simone, just a few months after we had Charlotte, and the girls bonded over a shared love of art, dance, and make-believe.  And now, the Parigo family has grown to four with the arrival of beautiful, feisty baby Juliet.

You can see your friends love their kids in real time, but there is something really powerful about capturing fractions of a second and then getting to stare at that captured moment for a long time.  Seeing frozen moments between the Parigos, I really noticed what an environment and life of love that they have created.  Here is a peek into a few hours at their home when Juliet was one month old.

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Feb 12, 2014
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When my parents invited us to tag along on their week in Cabo San Lucas, we jumped at it, not knowing that we would be 2 months away from another baby.  But the timing of the trip was the biggest gift.  Last week I got to saturate myself in my little family as it is right now.  I set aside work and dinner and laundry and instead had the luxury of looking my girls in the eye, playing with them , and taking them in all day every day for a week.

A friend asked me my favorite part of vacation, and the hallmark of this week for me was noticing the growing bond between my girls.  I noticed this week a transformation from two separate little ones to a unit of sisters.  They did it on their own.  They adore each other.  And seeing that happen is indescribably good.  So that’s what this little video is about for me.  My gratitude for my family just as it is right here in this moment.  In anticipation of a new wonderful season to come.

I didn’t shoot many pictures, but there are a handful of still frames after the video.

Babymoon with the Sisters from becca spears on Vimeo.

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Feb 10, 2014

It’s with glee that I share this post.  Many of you know Jewel, my 5-year shooting partner on wedding days, and a dear friend.  This year, Jewel and her husband Greg welcomed a surprise gift into their life; a baby boy!  It has been a deep joy to be on this journey of pregnancy and parenthood with her this last year, and spending time with them at home recently, all I can say is that it is a happy and blessed home.  Full of love and light and sure enough, honest struggles, but after meeting this little beautiful human, I cannot imagine life without Elijah in the picture, and I am so happy for my friends and their beautiful little family.

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