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Nov 28, 2013
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At the end of the night when the reception was over, I was on the elevator with Kristin and Peter, and I said to them, “You guys know that every single one of your guests has never been to a wedding like this, right?”  These two created this amazing experience where everything was special.  From the Soul band flown in from their old home New Orleans to the surprise  Second Line at the end of the night, this wedding had everyone, including me, feeling like we were being given a gift.

One of the images that I think typifies Kristin and Peter and how endearing they are as a couple is a scenario that played out at least three or four times on their wedding day: Kristin overcome with feeling (as she is so often and I LOVE that about her), and Pete with a big smile looking at her with a mix of  a supportive”I got you” and an affectionate half-laughing smile.   The style and fun and beauty of this wedding alone would be inspirational enough to shoot, but the with all of the depth and heart in these moments, it was really outstanding.  May you enjoy your first Thanksgiving as a married couple, and may you be overwhelmed with the good things  you have together.  Much love, bec.

A special thanks to my substitute second photographer, Brandon Parigo.  Brandon is one of the best storytellers I know, a great friend, and I was so thankful for his presence and images that day!

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Nov 21, 2013
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I often tell people that the only advice I have for wedding days is that they try to be fully present in each moment, accepting and experiencing them for what they are.  Anne and Ryan seemed remarkably able to do this.  With no expectations, just letting things come,  their day was absolutely full of deep beautiful moments.  As I documented the day along with Jewel and film maker David Fiser, we continually looked at each other in astonishment of the love between Anne and Ryan.  It was so emotional, and so touching.

I really love these two.  They are hilarious, kind, and admirable.  I’m so glad that we go to the same church so that I can see them often.  Here is a first peek.  Slideshow coming soon you two!

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Nov 18, 2013
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I have always really liked the Graffs, and within the last handful of years, I started running into Stephanie in the parking garage of the OB’s office.  We were always having babies at the same time.  It was so fun hanging out with these four and getting to know Gabriel and Harper better.  Here’s a peek into our time together.

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Nov 12, 2013
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Now that I am going to be a mother of three, I am fascinated with every family that I meet that is made up of three kids.  The Trumps make it look easy.  In our two hours together, I learned a few things from these great parents.  Tess is a mom that goes with the flow and can handle the chaos of one child eating grass while the other one plays with her hair and the third rolls on the ground in laughter.   Matt is a wonderful dad who is affectionate and involved with his kids.  The older boys are clearly connected as the closest of playmates, and also are in love and fascinated with baby brother.  Here’s a peek into the life of this wonderful family.

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When Kelsey and Joe decided to get married in Estes Park, they could have never imagined that their wedding would be right in the heart of what was called Estes’ “500 Year Flood”.  Every road into Estes was eventually shut down, some of them washed away by the flood.  All cell service and landlines were out for two days, there was no gasoline, and all visitors were being asked to evacuate the town.  The hardest part for Kelsey and Joe was worrying about their loved ones who were in transit through the storm with no communication.  But here is why it is a happy story.  When things go wrong at weddings, all of the “stuff” is stripped away, and what remains is the love between the couple and the love that surrounds them.  The day of the rehearsal dinner, the restaurant was forced to close because of flooding, but family and friends forged the whole town for a place to gather.  Joe’s sister found a beautiful vacant mountain home and another relative whipped up dinner for 40 people in 5 hours.  The 12 piece band couldn’t get in to Estes, so family stepped up and played DJ all night from a laptop.

When Kelsey and I talked months before the wedding, she said she just really wanted people to have a good time and for people to see the love that they share.  The day of the wedding, the sun came out for the first time in a week, and Kelsey and Joe read their vows to each other to the guests that were there, and everybody cried, and it was one of the most moving ceremonies I’ve seen all year.  In the end, both Kelsey and Joe say that the only thing that mattered is that they got to get married.  I am in love with these two and their families.  It was a wedding that was fun and beautiful and unforgettable.  Here are some favorites…
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Nov 01, 2013
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Tonight as Charlotte was running in the dark from house to house, she exclaimed, out of breath, “I love this!  Halloween is my favorite season!”  As she ran to the next house she exclaimed “I’m so exciteeedd!”  She seriously exclaimed something running up to every door.  And sweet little Fiona was just sitting in her warm peacock costume in the stroller, sucking her thumb, and laughing every time she heard another kid laugh.  Too fascinated to go to sleep.

Here are my Cleopatra and Peacock girls.

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