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I just loved my time hanging out with the Humphreys.  Hudson and Lola have recently welcomed another sister, sweet little Elle Sophia.  What a beautiful family to be born into!  Congratulations and love!

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I met Daniel’s family several years ago through my sister-in-law.  I knew that they were a really special family, and got to know them better through photographing the oldest sister, Mary’s wedding.  The love in this family of four kids makes me want to be in a big family.  They have been through lots of good times, and some really hard times too, and it’s evident that they lean on each other and that they are deeply bonded.

I had also heard about Audrey, Daniel’s long-time girlfriend.  And that she was a gem.

I love the way Audrey carries Daniel’s burdens.  Daniel lost his dad a few years ago, and there was no doubt that everyone was missing him that day.  He was a very beloved father and husband.  As the wedding approached, I talked with Audrey a few times and Daniel’s dad came up, and Audrey would just cry.  Because it was her pain, but it seemed even more that she was crying for Daniel’s pain.  I can tell by Audrey’s friendships and by the way she is with Daniel that she is one of those people that will stand by your side for the long haul.

And I love the way Daniel supports Audrey and sometimes lightens that load she carries.  I was so moved by the way Daniel comforted Audrey as she cried through their first dance.  When she was stressed, he dissipated it with a smile or a joke.

It was also a joy getting to know Audrey’s family that day.  I swear, Audrey’s mom and dad danced all night long!  Her dad even learned how to do the Dougie!  I just love people who wear their heart on their sleeve and the Bureman’s laugh loud, cry hard, dance hard, and love deeply.

Thank you all for letting me into your lives.  With love…

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Jul 15, 2013

I love that Cassie wore a simple tank top for our engagement session.  I love that on their honeymoon, Cassie and Tyler plan to spend a good part of it hiking.  I love that Cassie loves yellow so much, the color of sunshine and happiness.

There are all different kinds of couples that fall and love and that work.  One of the types is the sort of soul-mate type.  Finish- each- others- sentences kind of connection.  Honestly, it’s a rare thing to see.  I love that Cassie and Tyler get to experience that in each other.  And that they would rather be with each other than anyone else.  That is a treasure.

For their engagement session, they took me to one of their favorite spots to hang out- the dog beach, with their little doggie Lucy.  Here is a look at our time together…

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Jul 12, 2013
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Brooke often signs her emails to me, “light and love, Brooke”.  This is what these two are in my impression of them.  Light and kindness and humor and brains and love.  Oh, and beauty.  Lots of beauty. I knew we were a match from the start when I found out that they were both anthropology majors, and that is how they met.  I myself studied sociology, a close cousin to anthropology.

I love Thomas’ love for music.  His biggest passionate contribution to the wedding day was a careful orchestration of the music that surrounded them that day.  I love that Brooke is a ceramic artist by trade.  She made each of her bridesmaids a different shaped hand-thrown pot with their initials on it.  You can see Brooke’s online store here.

I love the free spirits that they are and how when we skyped long-distance from their home in Oregon, they both had a constant smile behind their eyes.

These two are special and I feel honored to have met them and been with them on their day.  Here is a little glimpse…

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Jul 03, 2013

Often with the people I get to meet and photograph, work feels so much like play.  I definitely feel that way with Emery and Miles.

We spent time at the home where she grew up, and then at their new home together.  And if I could have stayed all night there would  have continued to be great photographs, because they are just so lovable and their way together is so endearing.

These two have an enviable beginning to their story- they fell in love while studying abroad in Peru.  I was lucky enough to meet them through Brooke & Thomas, who’s wedding I am so excited to share next week.

So here are some favorites.  love to you both!

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