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I remember that Jayne got emotional talking about her dad one of the first times I met with her.  Because she loves him so much.  The first time I got to meet her dad Jay was when he drove 30 minutes after work one day to help us with a panning shot for the engagement session (I needed someone to drive a car so I could hang out the car window and photograph Jayne and Kelly on their Vespa).  He did countless things on Jayne’s wedding day that revealed his special love and care for his daughter.  He shared so much enthusiasm with Jewel and I as we took photos on the wedding day, and he blessed us with his gratitude and extravagant encouragement.  When Jayne’s architectural concept came to life at the Saint Theresa’s chapel, Jay surprised her by asking me to document some photos of her on the site of her first big project.  I was impressed not only with the kind of parent he was, but the kind of human being he was.  An immensely creative and respected designer, it seemed to me that he had that effect on many people who got to be in his life.  He encouraged them, served them, taught them.  He made me want to be more like him.

So last week when I heard that Jay Higdon had passed away, I shed immediate tears.  Because I knew how deeply loved he was and how much it will hurt to miss him.  I grew to love him in just a handful of interactions.  Here are some photos of Jay from Jayne and Kelly’s  wedding in 2011.  My heart is with you Jill, Jayne, and Kelly, and all of those who are missing him right now.  What a wonderful presence he was, and what a beautiful mark he has made on many.

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Mar 25, 2013
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I photographed Carolyn and Ben’s wedding several years ago, and was so happy to reconnect with them and meet their two boys Will and George.  Carolyn and Ben are the most playful and loving parents while also each balancing careers in medicine.  They impress me so much.  Here are a few favorites from our recent session.

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Mar 07, 2013
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I love the Beckman family.  Here is baby brother George just around 6 months.

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