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I’ve known Lindsey for a long time, but since she has lived and worked as a musician in Nashville for the last several years, we only see each other about once a year at the New Year’s Eve party that we both go to.  I’ve also known Will through our extended group of friends, and have heard that he is one of the best friends you can have.  I was excited when I heard that these two were dating, and even more excited when Lindsey decided to move back to Kansas City to marry Will.  I’ve loved getting to spend more time with these two; seeing how they fit together, and how they love one another.

It is clear that Lindsey and Will have lots of rich relationships.  Lindsey spent a lot of time making this day special for all of her girlfriends, putting together handcrafted surprises and details for them from personalized hangers, lockets, and shoes to inviting each of her musician bridesmaids to perform a song at the reception.  I loved that the entire day, Will had a smile on his face.  Though I wasn’t with him in the beginning, I noticed through Jewel’s pictures that he really took it all in, studying each of the details that Lindsey had worked so hard on when he arrived.  One of my other favorite parts of the day was when the high energy and possible stress of the ceremony start time was upon us, and Lindsey said to me completely calm, “I was kinda hoping we would start a little late”.  I just love a laid back bride.

The whole day was just lovely, and thank you guys for letting me be a part of it!  Enjoy a sneak peek!

Ceremony and Reception: Mildale Farms

Music: Barclay Martin Ensemble

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How did I ever not know this wonder of a person?

A month ago, we had about 15 of Charlotte’s buddies over to celebrate.  With a surprise visit from Jasmine and Aladdin (Char can’t read yet, so I can say this- it was really our friends Sarah and Albert).  Thanks Sarah, Albert, Tracee, and also Parigos for sharing a few pictures


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Apr 05, 2012
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Isn’t she just the picture of grace and beauty?  So happy for you Anna and Michael.  May parenthood bring you a million beautiful surprises.

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