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Feb 22, 2012
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Jonna and Ryan had a very intimate ceremony, photographed by a good friend of theirs in her home town.  But I was privileged to get to know them by spending just a handful of hours with them at their Kansas City reception.  I loved their authentic and relaxed demeanors.  I loved seeing them make each other laugh.  But my absolute favorite part of the night, the one that actually made me well up with tears on the dance floor, was the moment that Ryan’s dad, who “never dances”, was out on the dance floor for the last song, dancing with abandon with his wife and everybody else.  I looked at Jonna and Ryan, and their joy was so big to see him dancing.  I knew it was a moment that they would never forget, whether I had been there to capture it or not.  I came home from shooting that night and told my husband and his buddies as they sat around the poker table, that I was so thankful to end the season with a moment like that, that reminded me how satisfying it can be to photograph weddings.