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Dec 11, 2011
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I remember Laren and John’s engagement session as remarkably fun.  As I was shooting, a few times I had to pull my camera down to my knees because I was laughing so hard.  We got together about a week ago to relive the wedding together, and of course, how would I expect it any other way, they showed up with both sets of parents in from out of town, a platter of French cheeses, and a favorite Chianti.  It was a real, deep, hard laughter, flowing tears kind of get together.  True fun, and that is just how their wedding day was.  Laren’s dad described their view on the Catholic ceremony in this way; that the covenant that was happening that day at the Cathedral was as sacred as the ordination of a priest- that it is taken very seriously, and I could feel it, and it was so beautiful to me how invested in that ceremony everyone was.  And then, they celebrated with the same passion, getting guests out of their seats and out of their self-consciousness with silly glasses, hats, and boas.  I love the way John look at Laren, I love the way Laren, a perfectionist like me, ended up being one of the wildest ones on the dance floor at the end of the night.  It was all great, and we thank you for your hospitality and friendship.
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