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Nov 27, 2011
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Sometimes in the course of a year getting to know a couple, I get glimpses of the qualities in them that will possibly be the richest qualities in their marriage.  I remember the first time I met with Tori, she told me that Chris was a big outdoorsman, and loved hunting so much that he really wanted camo vests or neckties for the wedding.  She just kind of laughed, but was totally willing to concede and let him have his voice in the wedding.  Instead of camo neckties, they ended up deciding on camo coozies, but to me, I loved her willingness to do something that she wouldn’t have preferred for the man she loved.  And I can see the equal adoration from Chris, the way he was quietly emotional throughout the day, when he read her card, when he saw her walk down the aisle- the elation on his face after the ceremony.  These are the little things that I get the chance to see as I watch a couple.

Here are my favorite moments from Tori and Chris’ warm October wedding



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Nov 24, 2011

Brittan and I connected easily the first time we met.  Really, who wouldn’t like this girl?  She is a positive, kind, lovely person to be around.  I specifically like the way she bursts out into this beautiful laughter that becomes contagious.  Reed and I weren’t able to meet until the engagement session, but he was so great to drive hours down to KC after work, and then hours back that same night.  That was impressive.  I loved seeing the dynamic between these two during the session- how they make each other laugh, and how they are when they’re close.  Enjoy!

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Nov 21, 2011

Lauren, Dave and I are all proud grads of Shawnee Mission South High School.  I hadn’t seen them for years, but I was so excited when they came to me for their wedding photography.  These two didn’t date in high school, but ended up working together years later and falling in love.  Now if I could only convince Lauren to wear her cheerleading outfit, and Dave his letter jacket at some point in the wedding.  I don’t know why they aren’t doing that.  It has been so fun hanging out with you guys!

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The thing that stands out to me most about Jobrina and Ryan is their positivity.  Because they live in Indianapolis, I wasn’t able to meet them until the actual wedding day, but after spending just one day with them, the image burned into my mind of these two is both of them with huge smiles, laughing, having a great time.  I am guessing that this is the way they go through life.  At the same time, they are not the least bit fake, they felt the bittersweet stuff deeply too.  And the people they surround themselves with are the same, laugh loud, love big, celebrate well kind of people.

Thank you guys for inviting me into your day and your lives.  We had a great time


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