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Remember the scene in Annie Hall when Woody Allen says I lurve you?  Lurve is exaggerated love.  I lurve Jayne and Kelly.

I am so inspired by them as people, and their wedding was a candyland of visual treats.  Both talented architects, these two have such discerning style, and their good taste is warmed up and made personal by their sentimentality.  The beautiful things around them that day weren’t just beautiful things, they were personal, time-invested expressions of themselves and those they love.

It was an intimate gathering, so they were able to pay a lot of attention to detail.  The menu was extraordinary, and each course was paired with a carefully selected wine, Kelly and Jayne made a bunch of pillow by hand for the guests to sit on during the ceremony, there were ethereal white prayer flags hung everywhere, as a tribute to Kelly’s proposal in Tibet.  But as I say all the time, the things that stuck with me the most from this wedding were the tender moments between people that reflected the depth of their relationships.  Too many to name here, but I will share a few favorites in these pictures.

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Oct 13, 2011

Laren and John will be married in less than two days!  In honor of that, I wanted to introduce them to you by sharing a few of my favorites from our engagement session this summer.  I remember clearly that very shortly into our time together, I found myself uncontrollably laughing with them.  I also remember being obsessed with Laren’s angelic blonde hair. And each time I see them, it’s the same.  They are this bright light couple.  Saturday is going to be fun.

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Oct 05, 2011
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When I think of Karin and JC, besides being a great time, generous, and easy going, the thing that sticks out to me the most is their intense connectedness.  I said it when I was describing their engagement session, and it keeps coming back to me, they seem “home” with one another.  Their connection is so strong that they are often in a room full of people, but completely intently focused on each other.  I loved seeing them join their families together (JC and Karin both have boys the same age, and JC has a daughter as well).  I loved being a part of the unfolding of the incredible night.  Thank you guys for everything.  We had so much fun.

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