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Sometime last fall, we got a call from Mark’s dad, Wes, and he said, “Just in case you haven’t heard, I met a real sweet lady”.  We met Susan  a few months later and just loved seeing them so happy together.  Wes and Susan have found joy, freedom, companionship, and support in one another.

So in April, we took a trek to their hometown, Marathon, to be there to celebrate their union and have a party with practically everyone in that little town.  Everybody brought food, and we had a beautiful feast, celebrating God’s blessing of Wes and Susan to each other.  We love you so much!

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Sep 20, 2011
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In the next week or so I’m so excited to share a few photos from Mark’s dad’s wedding that happened in Marathon, TX in April.  For now I’ll give you a peek into the wonder of this tiny dot on the map of Southwest Texas.  Every time we visit I feel like we’re granted a few days of freedom from the anxiety and fast-paced mindset of our culture.  The friends Wes has introduced us to in Marathon are kind, gracious, rooted in nature and community.

For now, I’ll show you a little field trip just walking distance from where we stayed.  One of Wes’ good friends Gill opened up  part of his land for artists to build little houses all made of recycled materials.  I loved seeing the wonder on Char’s face as she explored these people’s handiwork.  This was Charlotte’s first trip to the desert.  Looking forward to more…

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Sep 16, 2011
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I am so impressed by the courage people have to be photographed in a state of mourning, after losing one of their very closest and most beloved.  Sarah Sorell lost her husband James this June after they fought together through 9 years of cancer.  They celebrated their love along the way and had two beautiful children.  James did not resign to sickness but lead an extraordinary life in the thick of it, loving his wife, children, and many other people so well.  Not feeling sorry for himself, but even seeing his suffering as a blessing.

Sarah is a photographer and their whole life as a family is documented well.  I think she is so wise to know that one day her kids might gain perspective and important remembrance by having these photos.  I have been changed by getting a glimpse of James and his extraordinary life.  Thank you for allowing me in.

These photos are from James’ memorial service.  My friend Kelly Jackson is Sarah’s best friend, so she photographed the burial and balloon release at the end.


Then what does a double rainbow mean?!

Jayne and Kelly’s wedding on Saturday…

Sep 08, 2011
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Today my friend Ashley posted some pictures she took of me the other day to mark my 31st birthday.  I thought it would only be appropriate for me to send her a love letter back by posting some images I took at her 30th birthday party in April.  Ashley has a gift for creating beautiful experiences for people.  She blessed us all that night as she celebrated the culmination of 30 years of life.

This first photo is important.  I knew it was important as I shot it.  Ashley’s 29th year was deeply painful with the loss of her father.  As I watched Ashley and her husband Jeremy dance that night, I could tell that she was crying, and I knew that in  this moment, the whole year just sort of landed on her.  I think she took it all in, said goodbye, and looked forward.

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