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Jun 30, 2011
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It seems fitting that the house where we became a family was on Oak Street.  Within these walls we solidified like the hard trustworthy wood.

The house became our complete renovation; Mark literally built it with his own two hands.  There is so much satisfaction in making your own home, like growing your own food- it just tastes better.  We have memories of late knock-down-drag-out nights hanging drywall, mudding and taping, edging paint, engineering new materials to fit the strange crooked frame of a 90 year old house.  Life unfolded in this space in the mean time- dinner parties, overnight stays, everyday joys like how the light looked in the front room in the evening.  I remember where I was sitting in this house when we found out we were expecting, and when we found out people had passed away.  Countless mornings, and evenings, and walks around the block and up to the park.  All of these beautiful moments will be forever connected to living in this house on Oak Street.

Today we close on a new house.  We know it will be a new love.  A new collection of stories.

This post is a kind of  love letter.  Vignettes of memory from the house we’ve said goodbye to.

(Photo above taken by my good friend Kelly Jackson on moving day- thanks Kell)

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Lauren’s dad said in his wedding day toast, “Everybody knows that Lauren is the nicest girl in the world…”, and when he said that, I thought that those might be the exact words that I would use to describe her.  Both Lauren and James are this refreshing blend of sophistication and approachability.  I knew it the first time I hung out with them at the engagement session and they showed up in cowboy boots.  Cowboy boots are usually a good indication that I will like a person.  I was moved to hear the words James friends used to describe him at the rehearsal dinner; loyalty, devotion, integrity.  Another favorite anecdote from my experience with Lauren and James is that both sets of their parents came to every viewing that we had at the studio, so that it wasn’t just a chance to see pictures, but a chance to be together.  There is an incredible climate of love and relationship in both families, and what a blessing to merge two families like that together!  Thank you so much for allowing me to get to know you guys and to record your fantastic day!

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I told Kara and Taylor when they came in for their viewing party that I see a lot of relationships, and every couple expresses their love differently, but the expressions and gestures of endearment that these two show make me very sure of their love.  I love how they “match” each other in the faces that they make.  I love how hard they laugh and how real they are.  It was just so easy to be with them every time I got the chance.  A bit of background, they met in firefighting training and fell in love.  The Kauffman stadium setting was fitting for Taylor’s aptitude and love for baseball.  Jewel and I just loved being a part of your day and your lives.  Thank you guys for choosing us.

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