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May 24, 2011
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Eric and Laura are a joy.  a breath of fresh air.  people that make me feel great about myself and great about life.

They have found each other as soul mates in glee. We all know the expression, “where have you been all my life?”.  I am certain that when these two met that is exactly what their hearts said.

Eric is a friend and fellow photographer here in town, half of the fantastically creative duo, LemonLime.  When he and Laura asked me to shoot their wedding I was thrilled and giddy, and also really really honored to be shooting for someone whose work I admire so much.  Laura is also in design, and together, these two are so savvy and discerning in all things visual.  Even given their immense talent, they let me do my thing, and just sat back and experienced their wedding.

I could tell you a million things about their incredibly close families and deep friendships, but instead, I will leave you with one lasting impression that I saw throughout the day.  To me, a big part of the story here is the story of two people in a sea of other people, blissfully engaged with one another.  You will see that many of my favorite moments reflect that.  I love that about them.  Thank you guys for asking me.  Much love for you!


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