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I always tell people that “bad weather” can be serendipitous, because it forces creativity, and you end up coming up with something that you didn’t expect, couldn’t have imagined.  Something different than all the other photos you’ve seen.  Kara and Taylor are the kind of people that embrace surprises like that.  A late winter storm blew in unexpectedly, and while the whole town was rushing to get safe in their homes, we were running around outside the studio making pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.


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Mar 17, 2011
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Amy and I have been friends since the college years, and all that time, I’ve wondered what guy was going to hit the jackpot of marrying her.  She is an extraordinary beauty who doesn’t even seem to know it, glowing form the inside out.  She is also a bit of a famous dancer among our group of friends; Amy Mardiat aka, “where’s the party at?”  Just say it out loud, it rhymes.

So I had heard about this guy Chet, who, through the grapevine, was so great that Amy was probably going to marry him.  And in getting to know him, I see why these two fell in love and decided to spend their lives together in less than one year.

The brevity of Amy and Chet’s courtship was not the only thing that made their dating experience uncommon.  Shortly after they met, Chet’s mom was diagnosed with cancer.  As Amy’s dad said in his toast, in 2010, Chet experienced the highest highs and lowest lows of his life as he met the love of his life, while simultaneously dealing with the sickness and loss of his mom.

The wedding day was undeniably and deeply bittersweet.  There were moments of loud laughter, and moments of sadness that couldn’t be brushed under the rug, and just had to be felt.

Chet’s best man said that as Chet had been dating Amy he always reiterated that he couldn’t believe he had met someone like this, that he didn’t think a person like this existed, and that he was saying that all the way up to the wedding day.  So here is to your life together, you two.  We are all so happy for you, we love you, and I am thankful that I got to record your day in pictures.

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Two years can pass in life and seem inconsequential.  But celebrating Charlotte’s second birthday this week gave me perspective on just what a short amount of time we have known her.  And these two years have been a new life, an intensity of joys and challenges that I couldn’t have imagined before becoming Char’s mom.  Charlotte, you are our sunshine.  Here is a peek into our celebration…


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This is my little friend Jack,  son of my girlfriend Megan of Soiree Events and Bella Bridesmaid.  Here are a few pictures taken last month.  I saw him yesterday, and he already looks really different!  Love you guys.


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