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Shooting in new places is one of my biggest joys.  For Caroline and Peter’s engagement session, I got to photograph them where they live- in one of my favorite cities- San Francisco.  In the same way that I love shooting with new scenery, I truly love it when nature throws us an unexpected curve- like heavy rain for the duration of a shoot.   I really mean that, because when life surprises you, you may not get what you had pictured in your mind, but you get something better- images that you could have never come up with on your own.

Caroline and Peter, you two are the kindest people, and I loved spending a day with you in your city!


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Dec 20, 2010
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I told Megan that she was like Grace Kelly.  This whole wedding brimmed with the style and elegance of that Hollywood era.  Which is fitting since Lucas is actually in film production in Los Angeles.  But what is even better than the glamour of these two is the fact that from the beginning, they stressed the importance of capturing the people that they love- the authentic moments- more than anything else.  It was a pleasure you guys!  Best to you in your new life together in CA!


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Dec 14, 2010

I remember thinking after my first meeting with Lauren and James that I was so excited about these two.  They were fun, and nice and easy to be with.  For our engagement session earlier this fall, James was pretty under the weather with a cold, but he hung in there and we had a great time.  There’s one particular photo in this bunch that is one of my favorite engagement session photos of the year.  Can you guess which one?


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Dec 10, 2010
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When my brother and I were walking through the North Beach part of San Francisco last weekend, we ran into a sea of Santas!  Naughty Santas.img_3167-copy


Dec 06, 2010
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Some weddings, I forget that I’m working.  Jewel, and I (and I think I can also speak for the band) were having so much fun at Jessica and Ben’s party that the line between work and play was completely blurred.  At my own wedding, I remember our pastor saying that you can tell a lot about two people by looking at the friends that surround them and stand up with them on their wedding day.  Jessica and Ben have some wildly devoted and fun friends and family.  And that’s a reflection of who they are.  Two people who live life well, and fully, with abandon in all the right places. Love you guys!

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