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Tonight Charlotte trekked out on her first trick-or-treating experience dressed as a garden gnome.  She will probably only remember it through pictures, but it was magic for me.


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Oct 21, 2010
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When I booked Gisela and Scott’s wedding, I knew that I would be turning 30 at midnight at their reception.  All I can say is that when I left the party that night, I told Gisela’s parents that the party was so much fun that it felt like a birthday gift .  This was my first Persian wedding, and oh my, it was so beautiful.  The beauty of the sofreh took my breath away, and the dancing!!  It was such a perfect expression of true celebration.  Hoping there are some more Persian parties in my future.  Thank you Gharibpour and Wingerter families for your hospitality, and for allowing us to document the wonder of your wedding!

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Oct 18, 2010
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Pastor Tom articulated it well.  Bob was taken too soon.  But he lived a life pouring into the proper things, so he was able to leave a legacy of no regrets.  He invested his life in his family.  Case in point- instead of pursuing a career in professional basketball, he chose to get married and invest in being a husband and father.  One of the trademarks of the Zender family life is their weekly Sunday dinner, where Bob would whip up gourmet meals for his wife, three sons, and their families.  My friend Kristin tells me that he just kind of cooked and prepared quietly, with joy on his face, always one ear on the conversations happening as he prepared the meal.  He is often described as a gentle giant.

Patty and Bob fell in love at KState, where he was a basketball star, and so it only made sense to bury his ashes in one of his happiest places- the Flint Hills.  After a quiet service, surrounded by tall waving grass and grazing cows in the distance, a barbecue ensued with all of Bob’s favorite things- good food, family, and friends.  The Zenders gave me the incredible trust and honor of photographing Bob’s burial in the Flint Hills.  I think it is so brave to have these intensely vulnerable and personal moments photographed.  Being around a family mourning the loss of their father is so incredibly powerful.  There is just no way to get that close without being deeply affected.

I never had the opportunity to shake Bob’s hand, or sample his cooking, but he made a mark on my life as he has an innumerable amount of people.  He is an example of the kind of person I want to be- focused and centered around relationships.  And I get to see his life extending through his son Matt, who is marrying my best friend Kristin this year.  Like his dad, Matt is the strong quiet type, the most loving and serving partner, thriving in hospitality.  Thank you Zender family for inviting me into your family in such a meaningful way.

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Oct 11, 2010
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Cortney and Zach bring me so much joy!  I am so fond of them that I “awwed” at their little quirks and mannerisms as I edited the pictures down.  One of their best assets is their sense of humor.  Being married to someone that makes me laugh really hard every day, I can say that seeing couples laugh loud together gives me a good feeling for their future.  Their wedding day included a few stellar wedding firsts for me.  One of them being a spontaneous trip to a roadside carnival during portrait time.  I will fill you in on the other stories throughout the post…Enjoy!

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Oct 08, 2010
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The Deanna Rose Farmstead is magic to me.  I remember going as a kid, seeing the magical peacocks, and trekking into the deep dark woods of the walking trail.  The only difference going as a mom is that things have lost their large-ness, and a bit of their mystery (yes, that’s right, those deep dark woods are actually in the middle of suburbia).  But this place is still magic.  Char and I went together for the fist time last week.



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Oct 06, 2010
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Parquita and Mike  are some of the most photogenic clients I’ve had; they have this cool collected confidence in front of the camera.   More than most people, they are able to inhabit their own little private space and have authentic moments without even seeming aware that a camera is there.  Their first dance to me was illustrative of their wedding and their relationship.  While they were in a room full of people, their seemed to be a force field around them, making this incredibly intimate extended moment out on the dancefloor.  Thank you guys so much for inviting me into your lives.  It has been a blessing to get to know you.

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