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Sep 29, 2010
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I often call Jewel, My Jewel.  Not because she’s mine, of course, she is held dearly by so many people.  I call her My Jewel because on a week-to-week basis, she is my partner in wedding photography crime.  Also because over the past year and a half of knowing and working with her, she has become a dear friend who I love and admire very much.  At the beginning of Jewel’s first wedding season with me, she starting telling me about this ultra good looking guy that she had been on a few dates with.  It was immediately comfortable and fun.  And as time unfolded, she saw his incredible character and heart.

I told Greg and Jewel last night as we watched their slideshow for the first time, that looking at these pictures, I realized how much they share not only similar features, but similar gestures, mannerisms, passions, convictions.  If there is such a thing as soul mates, they are it.  These two have a passion for marriage and what a serious thing it is to be woven together and committed to another person for life.  I think it’s so beautiful, that while they take this relationship so seriously, they also have met someone that they are incredibly excited to share life with.  I could write pages, but instead, I will let you have a peek into who they are and what happened on the day they got married.  Love you guys more than I can say!

Here is the whole slideshow.  For more of my personal favorites, click below for the rest of the blog post.


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Sep 25, 2010

Rachel and Matt are back door neighbors, and long time buddies of  Christy and Jacob, a dear couple of mine from 09.  These two are KStaters, fun, stylish, beautiful.  City girl, country boy.  We had a great time and lots of laughs shooting their engagement pictures.  Take a look at a few of my favorites.


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Sep 23, 2010

I get to record Ellen and David’s wedding on Sunday.  The way I feel, more accurately, is that I get to be with Ellen and David on their wedding day.  I met Ellen through a former wedding, we found out we were literal neighbors, and I just immediately connected with her on a deep level.  When she called to tell me she was engaged, she cried, and so did I.  I have been looking forward to this one all year.

Here is a little pre-wedding celebration of Ellen, David, and David’s beautiful, fun daughters.


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Sep 16, 2010
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I love horses.  Yesterday I got to ride this guy, Jet, through golden-changing Aspen trees.  Yes, that is joy on my face.


Sep 07, 2010
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Molly and Taylor have been dear to me.  Being around them makes a bad day better.  One of my favorite types of people to be around are those that could be called “enthusiasts”.  You know, the kind of people that fall in love with things all the time and get everyone else excited about them too?  That’s Molly.  She was an enthusiast about every one of her vendors.  I think everyone must have felt like she was their friend by the end of it.  And Taylor is the kind of guy that I want all of my friends to end up with.  He cares for Molly and others so well…while also being a lot of fun.

I love you guys, here are a handful of my favorites.  Looking forward to reliving the whole thing tomorrow!


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