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Aug 26, 2010
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Jackie and Brian met on the water skiing team at the University of Kansas.  She told me at our first meeting that they spent those days skiing all day and then camping out at night, partying with friends.  I kind of wished I could have experienced that in another life.  I knew two people who fell in love in that scene would be people I would like to know.

Jackie’s bridesmaids were either family or friends that she had known since, like, kindergarten.  I have friends like that, so it was fun for me to see that same dynamic among them- stories upon stories- a million days of laughs built up.  And all the moms were there too!  Though I didn’t get to know Brian before the wedding day, I immediately liked him for the way he treated his friends, family, and Jackie.  A kind smile and warm eyes.  One of my favorite things about these two is how authentic and unfussy they are.  they went with the flow and didn’t sweat the small stuff.  Really looking forward to seeing you all next week!


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I used to run around dressed as Daisy Duke with a do-rag.  Char seemed to dig the look.


Aug 14, 2010
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Charlotte this morning before I left to shoot my wedding today.  My late Nana’s necklace.


Aug 10, 2010
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I am sitting here trying to think of how to articulate how much I love Marissa and Arna, and I am completely intimidated, because Arna is one of the best writers I have ever met, and for two days, I heard these two exchange some of the deepest, most sincere, and passionate words.  So I will not be able to do justice with my words, but hopefully you will be able to get an idea of the extraordinary nature of these two people and their love from my pictures.  You guys have been a joy and an inspiration to know.  Slideshow coming…..


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Aug 03, 2010
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Linda and Nick booked me from Iraq.  They were both stationed in Baghdad while planning their Kansas City wedding.  I was excited about them from the beginning, not only because I could tell that they had adventurous spirits, but Linda had a background in journalism and really knew her stuff when it came to storytelling.  When we met once they were back in the States, I loved their unconventional ideas and attitudes about their wedding.  At the end of the day, they just wanted it to be a really fun party for all the people gathering in Kansas City for their marriage.

And it was a PARTAY.  Many of my favorite images from the day were from the reception.  Jewel and I had a lot of fun playing with light and we even joined in on the party a bit.  Thanks again guys for your hospitality!


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