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I am so excited that I will get to photograph my friend Sarah’s wedding in Aspen in September, and she has always been a bit of a muse for me, such a striking elegant woman, so I had a great time shooting some pictures of her and Matt when they were in town a few weeks ago.  Love you guys!


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Jun 23, 2010
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When I think of Kathryn and Mike I think easy, like breath of fresh air easy.  Perfect example- Kathryn’s cake collapsed while no one was looking, and she just walked over, looked at it and laughed.  The whole day was like this- full of really great moments, made up of everyday kind of things that added up to reveal what authentic, caring, fun people Mike and Kathryn are.

One other fond memory of mine from the wedding day is how often Kathryn said, “I’m just so happy I’m married to Mike Kelly”…(something like that).  I know for sure that every time she said his name, she used his first and last name.  So cute.  Looking forward to seeing you guys next week!


How many bridesmaids does it take to open a bottle of Prosecco?

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Jun 17, 2010

Our friends at LemonLime were kind enough to send Megan and Lucas over my way when they were already booked for their November wedding date.  Lucky me!  I was excited from the beginning because of their great style (Megan is a classic beauty always dressed so elegantly, and Lucas knows good imagery, being in film production himself), paired with the most down to earth friendly attitudes.  For now, these two have a foot in Kansas City, and a foot in LA, but for this shoot we stuck to Megan’s charming Brookside neighborhood and the bowling alley where they had their first date.


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Jun 10, 2010

Every once in awhile I get to shoot weddings for people that I know well and love dearly.  When I walked away from shooting Jason and Mindy’s wedding day, I was full of the sense that I just got to witness something deeply sacred.  I have called Jason a friend for years, but on their wedding day, I got to spend the whole day with Mindy, and I fell in love with her.  She is so amazingly beautiful through and through.  She brings out a side of Jason that I have never seen before- the “in love side”!

The weather was the opposite of what they might have pictured for their completely outdoor wedding.  It was cats and dogs all day long.  So while their dreams of yard games in the grass were rained out, something amazing and unexpected unfolded in its own rainy beauty.  The rain really complimented the seriousness of what was happening.  It kind of hushed us all, so we all paid closer attention.  And I told Jason and Mindy what I tell people often and really mean- that pictures are often even better when things don’t go according to plan, because then we end up with scenes that we could not have imagined or come up with on our own.
A little story to introduce the first picture…Mindy had told me before the wedding that her gift for Jason was really special- it was a piece that she had commissioned from our artist friend Cari– as Jason had always wanted one of her collages.  Funny thing was, Jason had come up with the exact same idea for Mindy.  Neither of them knew.  So now they have a pair of complimentary Cari Williams originals.  Here is Mindy’s reaction to her gift.


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Jun 08, 2010

Parquita takes pictures very seriously- in a good way.  She loves them.  I kept kidding her during their session that I couldn’t believe that she thought that they would be difficult to photograph.  They are seriously beautiful and trusted me and let me do my thing.  It was really fun.  Thanks guys.


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Jun 03, 2010
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Being around Lisa and Jake makes me want to live life better.  From my experience knowing them for a year, Lisa and Jake are two people who make life what they want it to be.  They travel well, they have deep caring friendships, they give generously.  Lisa is a ray of sunshine.  I first talked with her over the phone when I was a brand new mom and very sleep deprived.  She so gracious with me in that early absentmindedness and continues to treat me as an honored friend rather than a wedding vendor.  I met Jake the week of the wedding, but immediately he impressed me.  He is surrounded by lifetime friends, and he even started an annual golf tournament to raise money for families battling cancer and the fundraiser has become a really well known annual event.

Here is a taste Lisa and Jake, more coming your way by the end of the day!

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