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This time last year, Mark and I took a trip to Cabo when I was about 8 months pregnant with Char.  A few weeks ago, we returned with her but this time she got to touch and see it all herself!

Mimi takes Char for a walk on the beach…


Some people try to sneak drugs over the border- it’s diapers for us!!


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Annie and Victor’s wedding wrapped up a really wonderful season of weddings for me.  As I kicked my feet up the day after my last wedding of the year, and thought about the night, I just could not get over how moved I was by several elements from this wedding- particularly Victor’s toast to Annie in front of hundreds of guests at the reception.  It was so meaningful and I walked away from these two with a wonderful confidence in thier love and that it is real,  and that it will last.

For that reason, I knew I just had to get my hands on that toast.  Luckily, our friend Jeff Stultz was the videographer, and he graciously let me use the audio that he so aptly recorded.  I also need to thank Tyler bigtime for sitting down with me today and helping me pull off this multi-media slideshow since he has had much more chance to dabble in it than I have. (and Mike Varel, good friend, thanks for editing those audio clips for me)

Annie, Victor, Berenbom, and Wishna families- I was truly honored to record your story.  Pop open a bottle and enjoy the show!

[vimeo width=”850″ height=”638″][/vimeo]