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Jewel is ENGAGED!!

and their enthusiasm is too big for this studio!!!

I love you Jewelius and I know you are marrying a wonderful man in Greg.  Much love you guys!


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Dec 16, 2009
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Alright, Alright.  I normally title my posts with the couple’s first names, but I couldn’t resist the French-Italian poetic hyphenation of LeClaire-DeCelles.  Stephanie’s dad joked about the flowery nature of the combination of their two names in his toast, and I agree that it’s both notable, and nice to say.

Stephanie and Nick will be forever in my mind the Connie Couple.  Connie is short for The Constellation, a plane that has a special history in both of their families.  It is rare to meet a pilot of one of these planes, but both Stephanie and Nick had grandad’s that flew this plane.  We shot some stuff among these rare birds at their engagement session.

I was just telling Stephanie’s mom and dad tonight at the viewing party that every wedding has a couple of sub-stories that show up over and over during the wedding.  For me, one of the prominent sub-stories here was the bond between Stephanie and her older sister Nikki.  Over and over in the “film”, I found affectionate glances between the two of them.

Many of my favorite images from the day were of glances between Stephanie and nick during the ceremony.  They had their own language in these glances.  I picked one of Jewel’s but there were may great moments there.  Anyway….pictures!! Here you go…


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Dec 11, 2009
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I think of engagement sessions as a kind of first date between me and my couples.  Michaela, Patrick and I had a really really good first date.  After shooting pictures for a few hours, we ended up sitting out on their back patio drinking wine as they brought out pictures of Patrick’s proposal and shared other stories.  What has always struck me most about these two is their love for life and their hospitality.  Both of them are so good at showing people a good time.  I have never been with them, or even emailed with them without feeling uplifted. Love you guys!


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who says you can’t get great pictures on a cold rainy November morning at 9am?  These two made it easy!

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Oh my gosh, these guys make me laugh so hard.  They are the kind of people that you just want to be around.  Really.  I woke up miserably sick this morning, but after spending an hour with them showing them their pictures, I was all smiles.

Taylor has these awesome smile lines around his eyes…



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